Booker T Discusses the Challenges of NWA’s Cocaine Spot: Insights into the Difficulties of Putting on Shows

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WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has reacted to the controversial cocaine spot from the NWA that has reportedly landed the promotion in hot water.

The spot in question saw NWA Samhain PPV host Father James Mitchell snort what appeared to be cocaine, which reportedly caused issues with the CW Network.


On his “Hall of Fame” podcast, Booker shared his reaction to the spot and gave a plug to his own promotion. He said,

“Putting on shows is not easy, trying to fit into what’s going on now, always talking about, you know, if you don’t know how to change with the times, the times pass you by. Everything is like shock TV to them, you know, it’s like jumping off something and taking a bump. You know, then the fans going, ‘This is awesome.’ Everybody’s looking for that instant coffee, that one thing that is going to make their show pop, you know, more so than the next show.

“I just want to let … just in case CW is listening, we have a small little show called Reality of Wrestling that would love that spot, and we ain’t doing no cocaine angles.”

Booker added that he would not have done an angle like this as he has seen the effect cocaine has had on people.

When the NXT commentator learned that Billy Corgan had reportedly green-lit the segment, Booker suggested that he may have partaken the drug.

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WWE Hall of Famer Booker T Reacts to Controversial NWA Cocaine Spot

Recently, the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) found itself in hot water due to a controversial cocaine spot during their Samhain PPV. The spot involved Father James Mitchell snorting what appeared to be cocaine, which reportedly caused issues with the CW Network. WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has shared his reaction to the incident on his “Hall of Fame” podcast.

Booker T, who has extensive experience in the wrestling industry, understands the challenges of putting on shows and staying relevant in the ever-changing landscape of entertainment. He emphasized the importance of adapting to the times and avoiding shock value for the sake of it. He stated, “If you don’t know how to change with the times, the times pass you by.”

In response to the controversial spot, Booker T took the opportunity to promote his own promotion, Reality of Wrestling, and expressed interest in taking that spot without resorting to cocaine angles. This comment highlights his disapproval of using drugs as a storyline element, as he has witnessed firsthand the negative effects of cocaine on people.

Booker T also speculated about NWA owner Billy Corgan’s involvement in green-lighting the segment. He jokingly suggested that Corgan may have partaken in the drug himself. While this comment was made in a lighthearted manner, it reflects Booker T’s surprise and disbelief at the decision to include such a controversial element in the show.

The NWA’s cocaine spot has sparked discussions and debates within the wrestling community. Some argue that it crosses a line and sends the wrong message, while others believe it adds an edgy and realistic element to the storytelling. Regardless of personal opinions, it is clear that the spot has generated significant attention and controversy for the promotion.

As fans and industry insiders continue to discuss the incident, it is essential to remember that professional wrestling is a form of entertainment that often blurs the lines between reality and fiction. While controversial storylines can create buzz, it is crucial to approach sensitive subjects responsibly and consider the potential impact on viewers and the reputation of the promotion.

In conclusion, Booker T’s reaction to the NWA’s controversial cocaine spot sheds light on the challenges of producing compelling wrestling shows while staying relevant in an ever-evolving industry. His comments emphasize the importance of adapting to the times without resorting to shock value. The incident serves as a reminder that controversial storylines should be approached with caution and consideration for their potential consequences.