Booker T Discusses His Experience of Being Sidelined Due to a Medical Procedure

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Booker T, on his latest Hall Of Fame podcast, talked about missing WWE NXT Vengeance Day and being replaced by Wade Barrett due to a medical issue.

He will also miss a few weeks of NXT TV. He said,

“First of all, I want to thank everybody for all of the support and all the well wishes, telling me to get well and get back on track. I’m going to get back as soon as I can. I’m going to take a couple weeks off, but rest assured, I will be back live and and in living color, doing it like it’s supposed to be done, but I’m going to take these days off to relax. I’m relaxing.

“I had a medical procedure. I don’t like putting my business out there. If I was dying, I’ll let you guys know. I ain’t dying, I ain’t dead yet or anything like that. It is something that’s going to keep me down for a couple of weeks. I don’t like being down. I like being on the go and working out. That’s been my thing for forever, being able to get up in the morning and being able to train. Before I go to bed at night, getting in the gym to train. This last month or so, I haven’t been able to do that. Right now, I’m on my way back to getting to that point. I feel good. I’m sore as hell. I feel good. I hate I missed Vengeance Day. The action was action packed. I was sitting and listening, and it just didn’t have the same feel. Wade [Wade Barrett] didn’t have enough rhythm, especially to his cadence. As far as the show goes, awesome show.”

Booker T, a renowned professional wrestler and commentator, recently opened up about his absence from WWE NXT Vengeance Day and the reason behind it. On his latest Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T revealed that he had to miss the event due to a medical issue and was replaced by Wade Barrett.

In the podcast, Booker T expressed his gratitude for the support and well wishes he received from fans during his time off. He assured everyone that he would be back as soon as possible, ready to entertain the audience in his signature style. However, he also mentioned that he would be taking a few weeks off to relax and recover.

While Booker T did not disclose the specific details of his medical procedure, he emphasized that it was not life-threatening. He wanted to assure his fans that he was not in any serious danger. Despite this, the procedure required him to take some time off to recuperate fully.

Booker T is known for his incredible work ethic and dedication to fitness. He admitted that being forced to take a break from his usual routine was challenging for him. He enjoys staying active and working out regularly, which has been a part of his lifestyle for years. However, he acknowledged the importance of allowing his body to heal and regain its strength.

Reflecting on missing NXT Vengeance Day, Booker T expressed his disappointment at not being able to witness the action live. He listened to the event and felt that Wade Barrett did a commendable job as his replacement. However, he noted that the show didn’t have the same feel without his presence and unique rhythm.

Despite his absence, Booker T praised the overall quality of the event, describing it as an “awesome show.” He commended the performers for their action-packed performances and acknowledged their hard work in entertaining the audience.

As Booker T takes the necessary time off to recover, fans eagerly await his return to NXT TV. Known for his charismatic personality and insightful commentary, his presence has been missed by viewers. However, they understand the importance of prioritizing his health and well-being.

In conclusion, Booker T’s absence from WWE NXT Vengeance Day was due to a medical issue that required him to undergo a procedure. While he is taking a few weeks off to recover, he assured his fans that he would be back soon, ready to entertain and provide his unique perspective on the wrestling world. Despite missing the event, Booker T praised the performers and expressed his gratitude for the support he received during his time off.