Booker T Details Having His First Drive-In Wrestling Event Over The Weekend

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Booker T Details Having His First Drive-In Wrestling Event Over The Weekend

Booker T

Photo: Reality Of Wrestling

Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling was back to live action this past weekend, but instead of having their squared circled bouts in the usual Booker T World Champ Arena, The Two Time WWE Hall Of Famer painted a scene straight out of American Graffiti.

Booker and co-host Brad Gilmore talked about revving up the drive-in vibe for ROW this past weekend in Houston as fans pulled up in the pick-ups and sedans to soak in a little live-action wrestling.

“We put on an awesome, awesome show, drive-in style. It was one of those deals man where we had the show right there in front of the Booker T World Champ arena. Just a backdrop was even cool from an aesthetics perspective and the guys they went out and their job.”

Booker really gives credit to the fans for showing up and supporting his ROW students allowing the drive-in experience to create a cool aesthetic.

“You guys get game ball for coming out there and making those young guys, those young girls feel special by literally waiting in the hot sun.”

“I appreciate everybody for social distancing. Everybody had their masks on,” he added. He also makes note that this won’t be their last go-around at the experience.

“If it goes off well, we’ll be back next month again doing it again. And if we have to do all the way until things get right, Reality of Wrestling, like it has been for the last seven years not missing a show on a weekly basis, being promoted on YouTube or FITE TV we are back and we are going to continue right where we left off. The Reality of Wrestling reboot is real and there again, I want to thank everybody for making it possible.”

Gilmore gave some unique insight on an aspect that truly gave fans in attendance the ability to enjoy live wrestling like they would sitting in front of a television screen.

“Booker and I got to do commentary from his Winnebago and what was really cool is, people who were in their cars could tune into a certain radio station and hear our commentary live to the show. It was literally like an old school drive-in move theater just with wrestling. It was awesome.”

Check out the two discuss the experience below: