Booker T Believes Christian Is Gonna Get ‘The Bug’ To Come Back

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Booker T Believes Christian Is Gonna Get ‘The Bug’ To Come Back

Booker T

Photo: Reality Of Wrestling

Booker T thinks Christian’s RAW appearance yesterday evening will give the former World Heavyweight Champion enough of an itch to return to the ring to please all his “peeps” out there.

On the most recent episode of The Hall of Fame with Brad Gilmore, Booker T is one to sympathize regarding said itch and even states that if he got a phone call from WWE to be in a bout at WrestleMania, the two time (two time!) Hall of Famer would do it.

“You get the bug, man, once you get back in. You get a little taste of it, it’s something that wants to pull you back in,” he said.

Booker compares that very bug to the one other athletes in pro sports get when they find themselves literally out of the game for a bit even if their body isn’t up for the task and cites former Minnesota Vikings Hall of Famer, Cris Carter as an example.

“They all retire and they still feel like they got one last run left in them, somewhere somehow. I remember Cris Carter retiring back in the day and then he came back, and then he played one game and retired again.”

“We all feel that way, man. We all feel like we got one last run and Christian, I’m gonna tell you right now, after just getting in the ring, just making that walk, I could only imagine if there would have been 10,000, 15, 20,000 people in that arena. He would have really lost his mind when he got back to the hotel room, he’d had goosebumps looking in the mirror, ‘Maybe I can still do this.'”

Booker mentions that when you’re at the top of your squared circle game, you have that extra dose of “nitrus oxide” that powers you to peak performance, but that tends to be gone for wrestlers who are a little long in the tooth. There is one caveat however, which makes Booker believe we haven’t seen the last of Christian in a wrestling ring.

“One thing you got going for you is the fans. The fans, man, the fans will fuel you to just keep going no matter what, so I don’t know. Christian, I don’t think it’s going to be a one-off. I think Christian is gonna come back. I think he’s gonna get the bug.”

“I think Christian will be at Extreme Rules in the ring and the thing is, he’s got time to get ready for it,” he adds and says that Christian could possibly be physically better off than his former tag team partner is.

“Thing is, Christian had a couple of concussions, we all know that, but I think Christian should be in better physical shape, perhaps than Edge.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

Check out the entire clip of Booker T and Brad Gilmore below (sucka):

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