Booker T. acknowledged that John Cena is the greatest of all time.

Booker T. acknowledged that John Cena is the greatest of all time.
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John Cena, the decorated WWE superstar, made an unexpected appearance during WWE Money In The Bank 2024 event on Saturday night. He took this occasion to formally announce his impending retirement from professional wrestling, which is planned for 2025.

The man who sports 16 World Championships under his belt detailed his wrestling itinerary before he goes: He will participate in WWE Royal Rumble 2025, Elimination Chamber 2025, and close out his career at WrestleMania 41.

Cena’s legacy is indisputable in the world of pro wrestling. This was confirmed during an episode of the “Hall of Fame” podcast, where the WWE Hall of Famer showered Cena with glory, christening him “the greatest of all time.”

Another wrestling giant, Booker T, paid respects to Cena by stating, “The man has made enormous strides. He’s established his undeniable legend status. His contributions to the wrestling industry have simply been immeasurable. But his impact spans beyond wrestling. His work ethic, his commitment, and his unwavering dedication are reflected not only in his wrestling persona but also his burgeoning Hollywood stardom.”

Booker T drew attention to Cena’s exceptional level of commitment, shining a spotlight on his being the last to leave, his cleanliness, and his humility in listening to advice from more experienced peers.

When questioned about Cena’s place on WWE’s Mount Rushmore, Booker T stated,

“If you’re looking at raw data and ticket sales, then absolutely, Cena has to be in the conversation. I’m not fixated on the number of titles or the showy aspects. I’m talking about indisputable influences on the industry. He’s done more than most. His place in that conversation? Undoubtedly. This isn’t even subject to debate… He’s surpassed (Steve) Austin. Yes, definitely, he’s rightfully in the conversation, without a doubt.”