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These wrestler are natty!! it is probably you’ll possibly possibly giggle on the issues that i desire it is probably you’ll possibly possibly bid that my needs won't near factual nonetheless that i do know what i wanna series currently we're joined by undoubtedly one among the finest wrestling managers of all time .

And undoubtedly one among the finest wrestling performers and entertainers within the industry currently bobby the brainian thank you for becoming a member of us here currently thanks for having me how you doing staunch real how you doing real how became your time out up here i mean in case you hump a ways from it's real i bet my first inquire of may perchance possibly be .

The manner to contain started within the wrestling industry effectively reasonably just a few other folks have started various recommendations i i became working in uh indianapolis on the coliseum and that i started setting up the ring and carrying jackets and stuff love that that's how i bought fervent had been you a wrestling fan .

Rising up yeah in 1954 i went to the fits in chicago marigold enviornment and that i uh i became amazed that what a guy may perchance possibly well enact he informed other folks to be calm they made noise you boom them to receive noise they'd be calm it is probably you’ll possibly possibly control somebody so you seen this and you acknowledged now here is something that i are searching to enact yeah yeah .

Some mess with the folks now in case you first bought into the industry you had been veritably a wrestler appropriate before managing you you bought here appropriate off the bat and you wished to administer yeah did you ever are searching to head into the ring and actively battle definite .

Who are some wander forward the reason the reason i started the supervisor because i became totally 180 kilos nonetheless i figured it out years ago you managed as a wrestler and you battle as a supervisor very straightforward appropriate very straightforward in case you're exterior or now not it is important to register and react love your man is .

While you happen to're within the ring you ought to be a coward that's all or now not it is important to enact it works nonetheless now not many other folks know the relevant system to enact that now there's no emphasis on managers anymore because everybody needs the tna appropriate yeah and with girls there's no payoff because it is probably you’ll possibly possibly't beat him up it is probably you’ll possibly possibly't have a .

Cage match it is probably you’ll possibly possibly't damage him it is probably you’ll possibly possibly't enact something to him so you detect real love your honeymoon till the lights wander off how is the resolution made to head from wrestling to managing i mean veritably it's something effectively i didn't i went from managing the wrestling that's .

Exact that's factual so it became easy extra money now the reason i the reason i wished to administer after which wander into wrestling became because i knew that i may perchance possibly well work and that i knew that they'd must pay me to enact it that's the assign the money became what are most likely the most early territories .

That you just labored onerous most likely the most earlier territories that you just labored in indianapolis i became the first supervisor ever within the in st louis within the nwa appropriate i labored kansas metropolis i labored minneapolis i labored a exiguous bit in detroit i labored in canada for the catch man .

Up in ontario i uh labored for the wwf i labored for wcw i labored for nwa in 1979. um you furthermore mght labored for georgia i imagine when ollie became there yeah yeah i labored for paul bosch in houston mountainous guy easiest playoff guy within the industry in actuality .

Yeah real man what are your early recollections of working for uh georgia with ollie anderson as booker how became oldie oh unhealthy unhealthy no appreciate for humans everybody says that he's a depressing guy yeah yeah he he's the extra or much less a guy that has a size 10 foot nonetheless has a size 9 shoe nothing makes him delighted now early on who .

Did you tear with most likely the most within the industry uh blackjackalanza uh baron von raschke um pepper gomez uh wilbur schneider myself enact it is probably you’ll possibly have any real freeway tales from those guys yeah effectively they're all real they're you identical part you pressure 200 miles after which .

You near 200 miles with a case of beer swim gyms it's fun appropriate um now not many of of cash in those days nonetheless you didn't care because you wished to enact it appropriate you had been tiring you ought to have realized they're getting cash off me pay me now we didn't know then who’re most likely the most .

Guys guilty for taking you below the fly and instructing the ropes the psychology of the industry no person a trot seaman bryce davids yeah ray uh ray talked to me so a lot various than that every you had to enact became start your eyes and look what became appropriate and nasty to enact it is probably you’ll possibly possibly boom the blokes that had been over .

And guys that weren't over and guys that are continually under will continually be under i informed my wife in some unspecified time in the future we had an argument i acknowledged if it is probably you’ll possibly possibly any greater it is probably you’ll possibly have that's the easy if guys are searching to be champion they'll receive there if they don't they .

Acquired't reasonably just a few guys ponder i will be capable to work i do know the relevant system to bewitch trunks i do know the relevant system to bewitch boots that don't mean it is probably you’ll possibly possibly assign asses within the seat that's what a employee is various guys bid hogan can't work anymore it is probably you’ll possibly possibly calm assign asses within the seats that's a employee that's factual that's what it's all about .

So there's absolute self assurance about that it all boils all the style down to money if you're in this industry for something extra than money you're a fool monsoon informed me that we're going to chat about rising reasonably just a few questions referring to him enact it is probably you’ll possibly have any real freeway tales with out crusher of the .

Bruiser or any tales on that no never tear with them how are they to work with uh within the ring easy very easy crusher became a extraordinarily very very very real guy what had been they love exterior the ring um crush became he went dwelling to his household didn't hold around noteworthy with somebody .

Didn't uh socialize that noteworthy everybody went dwelling in those days you're on the freeway your complete time so you didn't hold around that noteworthy in case you went abet to the resort you went to bed appropriate yeah now you mentioned ray stevens earlier reasonably just a few other folks we've done interviews with within the past bid that ray may perchance possibly be one .

Of the finest crew of all time yes absolute self assurance about that what’s your understanding of ryan what became he love exterior the ring too oh ray became fun he became extra fun exterior the ring what he's going to enact he continually made you giggle comparable to you informed me he acknowledged .

His wife became about 10 years older than him and he or she became a wrestler and he acknowledged i used to have her knees twice per week begging i acknowledged did you hit her he acknowledged no she's telling me to near out from below bed and fight love a man i acknowledged ray how used had been you in case you first had your first lady .

Sexy he acknowledged six i acknowledged the assign'd you spend her i don't know i became too drunk to assign in thoughts that's the extra or much less a guy ray stevens became appropriate all the issues became fun and in actuality i realized so a lot from him simply that if you you gotta have fun what you enact you gotta have fun .

Okay how noteworthy money you receive if you don't have fun don't mean nothing it doesn't mean something what became it love working with uh i bet vern ghana and the awa abet within the early oh vern became fun he became uh he became he became strict he uh it became comic he he made you enact issues .

Quite a lot of other folks didn't are searching to enact love be on time and work and be conscientious i mean reasonably just a few guys didn't are searching to enact that my guys wished to receive there when they felt uncover it irresistible no vernon became easy as prolonged as you labored onerous that's all he paid you're real i’ve no disaster with working .

Recollections of working uh with slice pacquiao and managing him oh slice became fun slice became continually you'd assign a question to slice a inquire of he'd boom you the relevant system to produce a look let's assign a question to what time it became slice when they had been within the automotive and slice is talking about the um a paradox so he says appropriate now .

What a paradox is yeah it's two prolonged canines ray acknowledged no no it's two places the assign you assign a ship the following day slice says have you guys study the egg deficit in guam ray says hello [__] we're calm working on paradoxes nonetheless nicole used to love to use .

Broad words that's pleasing slice became uh slice cared about the industry he cared about himself appropriate and um he continually wished to gain real and he became a legit recollections abet then on hogan in awa oh hogan became out of the ordinary when he came into the awa .

Vernon wished him to be a heel so he assign him with a unhealthy human being um johnny dauntless um this guy couldn't receive over turning on a light and that i don't care what number of other folks hogan beat other folks wished me to exiguous one face they preferred him and that's the manner it went did .

That he's going to be a reliable big name within the industry oh yeah i’ve something 79 in georgia he walked in a fancy dress room he became supreme big and that i supreme seen this this child's bought it he's a form of guys that supreme had it did um enact you imagine that vern pushed his son too onerous at any time love greg on you .

Didn't push him ample will have to have pushed him off the cliff enact you imagine vern pushed himself too onerous how onerous he may perchance possibly well he pushed him he owned a territory owned the belt i mean totally i mean all appropriate how else may perchance possibly well he push himself may perchance possibly well .

Contain grown hair what enact you imagine went nasty with the awa as a ways because the industry standpoint awa tried to fight a promotion that couldn't that they didn't know the relevant system to fight vince became um manhattan mentality uh showbiz .

Vern became wrestling wool trunks grab an ankle steal it vince became something goes you couldn't withhold with it the enviornment wished to head a particular route and uh vern and various promoters couldn't withhold with it they didn't know the relevant system to enact it appropriate that's why i left i became there and .

I i believed we're going to grab we're here awa i mean continually intended alzheimer's wrestling affiliation or your complete world's [__] so veritably he didn't have the the understanding and he couldn't look into the future no person did besides vince no person did eddie .

Graham nicholas name him stu hart no he did they're all wrestlers they had no belief what showbiz became appropriate now you talked also about eddie graham from florida and stuff love that did you ever work for him a couple situations what became that love i became .

Easy i supreme went down there to work uh to lag off my time out for vacation appropriate i never went to territory to work as a wrestler so i never had something to enact eddie nonetheless eddie became a effectively i knew from other folks who labored there he became a a disciplinarian he wished you to enact the raise out a definite manner he had prolonged .

Finishes love 20 minutes and he ran his territory strict and that became most likely manner around because geyser flakes geyser flakes because the wrestling industry makes them that manner they don't give us any insurance no benefits or something so when whenever we receive a .

Chance to take hang of on some money or chew any individual we spend it they made us this vogue nonetheless it with out a doubt's our have fault too if we don't desire it we can wander receive one other job esteem the industry effectively we don't are searching to receive up within the morning work appropriate that's what it is we don't are searching to work upstairs and switch .

Refrigerators so you receive up and take a look at to work with a guy that may perchance possibly't work dwelling too onerous to work for never labored for him never no he became uh i imagine it may perchance probably possibly had been hell yeah the traveling stuff or the mentality of the full territory in him all the issues is .

But i i love stu i love helm i love brett nonetheless to be up there in canada in case you ever wander to canada yeah we had been there appropriate in case you land on the plane they boom you to sit down your look abet to 1945. no there's nothing there it's various now how did you wind up going to the .

World wrestling federation within the early 80s hulking hogan brought you in yeah hogan called me i became in minneapolis i bought him into uh awa and he called me i went to japan and when i bought abet he called me a couple situations wished me to head nonetheless .

Awa became easy you’re employed three or four days per week and you made real money you didn't must work every day i didn't are searching to work every day i had a wife and a baby and that i didn't are searching to work every day i supreme don't love traveling and dealing every day appropriate and he informed me to head name occasions and he assign .

Together a deal and vince offered me three situations what i became making on the awa so i had to head for it now had been you at uh with vern when mr cedo and campatera bought no disaster what became the vibe within the locker room when that every came about nothing nothing supreme boys being the boys .

One other night out yeah that's all any individual bought caught what had been your initial thoughts in case you first met vince first time i met vince became when they had been selling the enoki uh muhammad ali part and slice and that i uh abet winkle and that i went to chicago from omaha .

And additionally they had an exhibition the assign muhammad ali became in a field love uh buddy wolf and kenny jay and a couple guys and we went as a lot as dinner breakfast and walked as a lot as vince's table introduced ourselves and he went k nonetheless then when i went thru the work for him .

It couldn't be nicer i mean man's a genius how did vince commerce as uh his company grew um in case you're there it is probably you’ll possibly possibly't boom so since i've been gone i will be capable to look the assign it's been it's grown greater nonetheless i don't know what he's love because .

I haven't been around him nonetheless whereas i became there he became continually easy to chat to he continually acknowledged here's my phone quantity 24 hours a day name me you're going to assign a question to me something reasonably just a few guys don't love him reasonably just a few guys enact he's never been execrable to me so you continually bought alongside with him yeah .

And no downside what are some of your early uh recollections of managing i bet you met john stud kevin tara an analogous in case you first came in uh stead became uh son became a extraordinarily fine man ought to never been within the industry he became too fine to be within the industry too fine to be a heel and patera will have to had been a heel all .

His lifestyles because he became an athlete and he became pampered his complete lifestyles and world's strongest man and he didn't spend me he would he may perchance possibly well pull over on the freeway for a ticket love going 35 and a 30. he acknowledged near on barney give me the ticket [__] .

I mean you're now not going to receive off and stuff love that nonetheless acknowledged would continually ticket autographs and became very fine to other folks became uh hogan various to work with within the debate that he wasn't awa because no greater big name no he never modified he he wasn't that manner reasonably just a few guys .

Don't love him because they didn't receive to work with hogan reason they didn't receive work with hogan is because they couldn't plot money with hogan and you guys that are sitting dwelling appropriate now and asserting hogan screwed me you most likely have got drawn money you'd had been there you most likely have got been the .

Worst human being on battle and in lifestyles you'd had been there to plot money the undoubtedly reason you didn't work with hogan became you couldn't plot money that straightforward you'd he'd work with a grape if it’d plot money it's that straightforward became there to any extent additional or much less rivalries between any of the managers .

Because you had been there on the time lou albano jimmy hearts love i don't know i never talked to none of them i never discussed my occupation or them i never discussed money days off pay or something what you enact is your industry what i enact is mine i came upon a prolonged time ago if i uncover .

That i bought a thousand greenbacks closing night and you receive 2 000 i'm going to be angry so i don't are searching to grab what you receive appropriate because after which if i uncover if they uncover that i bought two and so they bought one they're now not going to give them extra they're going to spend from me to receive them delighted .

So i never boom somebody what i mean appropriate recollections of jimmy snuka uh jimmy became a uh he became real he became he became a hell of an athlete boy nonetheless he played rugby i ponder over in fiji or regardless of they enact over there i bet that's supreme for lunch nonetheless i mean i don't know the scheme they are residing over .

There nonetheless they near out of trees and so they jump from space to space and how an athlete have an athlete brother thoughts on roddy piper piper is extremely gifted i consider roddy when he became in uh popping out of winnipeg canada coming to minneapolis to battle he became about 190 kilos and you're tall guys then you had my he .

Had moscow you had uh crusher you had larry hennig and so they'd continually assign a question to the blokes they wouldn't assign a question to him nonetheless they would bid who's your employee closing time so you didn't apply up appropriate piper didn't care he'd battle somebody he supreme wished the journey i mean i may perchance possibly well look he became going to be .

Sexy because he had a real mouth he may perchance possibly well focus on talking whereas we receive you greater can assist you further than your body or your ability it continually does talking of talking you're most likely one among the finest guys on the mic and in actuality hastily witted who taught you veritably the relevant system to chat in entrance of the mic or is it something that .

You've continually had pure ability it's so straightforward appropriate now i'm delighted can you hear them slurring my words a exiguous i’ve tmj what that is never any it's a nerve it goes down your jaw into your ear into your neck and it's very onerous to narrate occasionally it happens and that i don't know what what .

Causes it nonetheless i must wander have a mouth change some gimmick done appropriate who knows medical doctors they don't are searching to boom you um i realized the relevant system to chat shaving every day you shave your face be a german be an indian be a heel be a exiguous one face be regardless of it is probably you’ll possibly be searching to be nonetheless in case you .

Shave you continually look your self love the folks look you enact an interview that's how i did interviews i taught myself the interviews veritably supreme searching and doing fb supreme strolling within the ponder that's all and everybody now does the identical interview he's going .

Down whoa that will receive you mine effectively the automotive and the younger other folks let's wander look this no they all use cliches no person is never any one is artistic anymore and knows the relevant system to receive over it they ponder yelling and screaming they ponder sporting sunglasses and a beard and prolonged hair why costume love the guy .

That buys tickets that's what you're doing if you had been to give recommendation to guys that are within the industry currently what would you boom them assign a 38 take care of your mouth don't ever receive any money on this currently industry is over wrestling's over why enact you bid that .

Because there's no extra uh the magic is over we've now taught the followers been uncovered too noteworthy we've now taught the followers how we enact tricks it's over grab what we can appropriate now suck what we can love they're talking about the .

Terrorists you don't swat termites or or mosquitoes assassinate the swamp we've killed the swamp we've confirmed the folks how we enact the tricks in most cases if houdini or blackstone confirmed everybody how these had been tricks they couldn't plot a dwelling next time you don't ponder the industry may perchance possibly be re-taught .

It's over everybody knows it's now not staunch you ever been a fight within the staunch fight yeah yeah that's my lifestyles 30 seconds most likely the most appropriate no hit but all once more that's one time it's over the undoubtedly stuff is your eyes and your balls that's it it's all entertainment .

And uh they don't know the relevant system to entertain anymore because there's other folks within the industry now that aren't from the industry are you afraid the openness of the industry i mean yeah because it's in actuality modified i mean yeah i try to protect it for a whereas nonetheless it is probably you’ll possibly possibly't anymore because the folks it is probably you’ll possibly have in it that had been wrestlers .

Wouldn't protect it because their work became so execrable i mean you don't hit a guy enact this nonetheless they've never been in a fight i mean they detect tiring and promotion did that they used guys that will work for nothing and so they compensated they they [__] their have product .

That's what they did um you had been there for the full wrestlemania uh wrestlemania 3 and all that stuff what enact you imagine about wrestlemania 3 and the success i believed it became mountainous to search that many other folks there and andre that became his closing trot and he knew it .

That's why he uh wished to enact that with hogan appropriate and it became he knew we couldn't receive him extra money after that he supreme couldn't receive around anymore did you set apart that the wf became going to be as tall as it became going to receive or did you when it first started i knew that vince became going to .

Construct something various after which when i may perchance possibly well look it supreme the the varied issues he did that no-one else did here is the manner to head that's why i went with it and television and stuff love that oh yeah no person else did that no person else wished to affiliate somebody or something love .

That nonetheless that became the manner to head look we’re going to have to have smartened up the television other folks and the producers and directors now we swap the followers thoughts on managing and dealing with uh paul proprietor mr effective you guys are mountainous collectively so paul became a extraordinarily intense guy he .

He preferred what he did he he cared about how he regarded and he in actuality became occupied with his image and he continually tried to receive himself greater that's what i loved about him he when an interview came what are we going to chat about what number of minutes we receive .

Are you going to how noteworthy are you going to spend i acknowledged i'll spend 30. i'll start it at 15. i'll give me 10 on the stop then i'll have a minute and a half of he became continually he became continually a legit i loved him i i called him the varied day and he's uh he's bought some execrable neck complications now .

Arm complications nonetheless uh he's gonna be all appropriate you focus on temporarily about andre the broad what became he love exterior the ring assorted oh he hated other folks other folks continually near up and bid how big are you the scheme in which noteworthy you weigh how tall is your fingers oh he became supreme impolite he became supreme he became supreme bored stiff in it most likely oh yeah and he knew he totally had so prolonged to are residing .

Because they informed me he had a broad disease which he would grow nonetheless his organs wouldn't so um he had reasonably just a few complications now you furthermore mght wrestled a couple situations for love even sabalarama and stuff love that how did that near up vince acknowledged i supreme veritably .

They supreme booked it supreme enact what you're informed appropriate yeah that's all we talked temporarily about it a couple seconds ago how's cafe modified from now i mean from then to now as a ways as the openness of the industry effectively there may perchance be never this kind of thing as a key proceed no there isn't i mean within the 60s when i started you .

Know the heels rode in one automotive exiguous one if they had been one other you never appropriate you never did that you just never talked to somebody in a cafe or other folks continually bid i seen i consider the varied guy seen this guy and that guy wrestled and so they went to bar and had a beer collectively .

Nah didn't happen as noteworthy as other folks ponder it in actuality didn't effectively it most likely did nonetheless now not love everybody says appropriate other folks in actuality the boys in actuality supply protection to the industry because your mentality became it is probably you’ll possibly possibly't allow them to set apart it's counterfeit or they won't spend tickets and that's .

What feeds us so as that's what it became and uh stuntmen didn't demonstrate you the relevant system to enact stunts the comic part about the industry is we've never acknowledged it became staunch you other folks acknowledged it became counterfeit appropriate appropriate on the starting of roseanne demonstrate does .

Tom arnold near out and bid i'm now not in actuality married to her does carson near out and bid ed mcmahon totally he's here for a half of hour a night they never boom somebody what it's a demonstrate it became a television demonstrate that's all it became that's all it became what became your response to locker room when uh i bet iron .

Sheik and jim duggan bought caught collectively within the automotive because they had been feuding on the time and stuff love that and that i mean it had to happen most likely came about years a hundred situations before that yeah supreme never brought up because wwf became getting standard then that's why .

It became years ago you wander the cops away you wander appropriate that's what it became you had been standard who had been most likely the most earlier guys that you just managed also within the wdf um i managed the lacking link i do now not forget that i'm attempting now to now not receive exterior he came as a lot as me the first .

Night time he says what time is your flight tomorrow i acknowledged around 10. he acknowledged mine's around 11. he acknowledged if you receive there a quarter of 10 that's pleasing i acknowledged for what he acknowledged to receive my boarding tear i acknowledged why can't you receive it he acknowledged effectively my gimmick i don't focus on .

I acknowledged effectively you're going to must now if i'm with your supervisor 20 minutes a night if you wander that prolonged i acknowledged i'm now not paid to accommodate you on the freeway appropriate he acknowledged i bought the face and the hair is this manhattan don't supreme ponder it is probably you’ll possibly have a execrable hairdo they won't care you'll blend in nonetheless no i .

Used to be never within the industry supervisor i never are searching to enact that i never are searching to be guilty for any individual's lifestyles or that's why i never are searching to be a booker or a promoter i are searching to be sure other folks receive a residing i don't have time making myself a residing and effort about making a bunch of crowded babies residing appropriate .

Being a supervisor if you had been a staunch supervisor it may perchance probably possibly be love working at a daycare middle all day with adults i bet the undoubtedly shoot supervisor may perchance possibly be paul ellery yeah detect how real he's doing all appropriate so you ever enact what did he ever enact yeah in actuality what did he ever enact couldn't work .

Tremendous guy couldn't plot your dime he supreme slid there with the wall freeway particular appropriate that became it did it is probably you’ll possibly have any various roles besides managing obviously now not of the boys nonetheless within the abet of the scenes as a ways as effectively with wwf i used to receive the interviews .

Uh myself jack lanza and george seal i produced a tall half of them i don't boom them what to narrate they knew what to narrate nonetheless i may perchance possibly well look it guarantee it came across k and pretty just a few guys are very easy to work with some guys wasn't a warrior you couldn't receive him why .

He became too real for the industry he became too natty as a ways as love the assign is he now i mean that's that's the truth that's appropriate that's the manner it is who’re most likely the most varied guys that had been complex to work with uh alabama wasn't easy to receive rubber bands are too tight .

Right this moment time really yeah um piper are searching to enact his have part appropriate some guy's going to enact their have part i don't thoughts that did vince allow that or did he bid no to contain to end no no vince became frigid vince knew it's now not love we're a bunch everybody plays the identical it may perchance possibly really't be .

That manner there are stars and there are stars and every other folks ought to be handled otherwise to receive a industry trot and he knew the relevant system to treat everybody otherwise and it labored how did you receive into the announcing with gorilla monsoon .

Uh jesse went and did that film with uh arnold k predator and uh he became doing top time then so then uh vince asked me if i may perchance possibly well are searching to enact that i acknowledged definite so when i did that after which i did the garden uh madison square garden appropriate and um .

Then i did location and jesse became he's a tall film big name then so i i lucked into it how became um how's that what came about to me at wcw too they didn't love jesse there because him and hogan have a a downside appropriate um jesse has a greater downside hogan does .

What is the staunch legend between the two i mean i ponder to begin with jesse continually wished to be film big name billy graham after which graham disappeared after which in minneapolis then hogan came in and jesse became jealous of hogan that's what it became jesse most likely has .

More sleepless nights disturbing about hogan than he does this enlighten of minnesota hogan is infrequently ever anxious about jesse and that's what it is i ponder jesse is jealous of hoping i carried over there jesse hit became a mountainous talker had irregular searching outfits nonetheless when the .

Bell rang became over it didn't work no no no no scratch but no no disgrace to that because i will be capable to't be a governor of a enlighten nonetheless he couldn't work nonetheless he may perchance possibly well work because he may perchance possibly well plot other folks nonetheless he couldn't spend bumps and he couldn't entertain you bodily within the ring appropriate that's what i'm asserting he .

Must be real at politics because he's i'm doing that so effectively reasonably just a few other folks can enact that reasonably just a few other folks are there's reasonably just a few real preachers obtainable too precisely i mean detect at tammy and jimmy i'd love them for neighbors yeah i may perchance possibly well they'd be fun searching over .

The fence yeah oh yeah grill monsoon how did you receive alongside with him within the abet of the scenes oh one among the finest visitors i've ever had in my lifestyles supreme an simply first price man i mean intended no damage to somebody nonetheless he became simply with you he'd boom you if there .

Used to be something nasty he'd boom you if you had been the [__] that weren't nonetheless he became supreme a a real real man most likely the most skits you did on top time had been supreme hilarious i mean never rehearsed something all advert-lib we did we we would sit down we had been gonna enact .

Tonight here is the halloween demonstrate let's enact this and that that's how it went and now not that we had been that real we supreme had been that real with every various appropriate and it became fun it became fun that became most likely the most part about it became fun it wasn't a job i detect forward to going to be with him .

Yeah any of the skits stand out most likely the most i mean you guys went to vegas one time i consider halloween when we did the assign monsoon had been a gorilla veil the full time and had a tux on and grill fingers on the stop of the demonstrate we seen that a cameraman became about the identical size as him so i acknowledged geno swap with the guy .

So the cameraman came and sat down and assign the veil on assign gino's next on had the fingers appropriate and as we're wrapping up the demonstrate monsoon walks in with his uncover and all the issues i'm sorry i'm white who if i've been with for two hours appropriate supreme stuff love that we used to enact and he became .

He became the finest i consider he went to the film location and uh he goes to western movies he blew up with the dynamite yeah oh yeah that took us uh two days used tucson yeah that became mountainous he became angry because i became doing a mountainous bowl he wished to search the game .

Sexy he didn't are searching to be there doing that appropriate did something ever wander nasty with the skits i mean in case you went to vegas with the are residing other folks yeah all the issues became nothing it didn't matter look in case you're the mind that's the finest gimmick within the enviornment because .

Folks assign a question to you to be tiring so it is now not significant what you enact if it screws up it works if it work if it works pleasing it works it is probably you’ll possibly possibly't fail be within the mind if you don't care reasonably just a few guys care about their image how am i going to gain love monsoon acknowledged .

While you happen to're intelligent for something extra than money you're a fool who had been the who’re the rosati sisters they had been three uh females from upstate manhattan that had been visitors with vince mcmahon's and he loved them and so they they had been supreme staunch followers they had been in actuality in actuality fine .

Folks yeah when uh they did a terry taylor and brooklyn bar they did the attitude within the studio we slammed them thru the part enact you imagine they may perchance possibly also simply have utilized that demonstrate for additional angles love are residing or because that regarded as if it may perchance probably possibly near off all appropriate .

I barely do now not forget that uh that part with terry taylor and me um that became an embarrassment i i did it because he supreme wished me to nonetheless i mean he wasn't a top guy he became never going to plot you money he became supreme an under guy so he made him a rooster so brawler you have got done greater with .

Him if he'd been smarter he became from brooklyn nonetheless he didn't know the relevant system to be a brawler i took him at hershey park enviornment had him manner under the um the borders and receive soiled he went exterior and rub grime himself it's now not that extra or much less grime to contain to have .

Constructing grime appropriate to contain to gain comparable to he he'd wash your shirt no person washes your shirts you're a brawler so as that's what i'm asserting some guy is your essential match some guys aren't various between a limo driver and a cab driver what's that one extra driver has a suit .

It's the undoubtedly distinction getting abet to terry tyler enact you imagine that vince assign him into that gimmick to as a as a dig because he became booking for the watts oh i don't ponder terry fright became ever a downside the assign somebody had to punish him for what he did he became so a minute it became effective appropriate i do know he's now not a staunch i'm now not a staunch .

Fan of his no i don't love him any particular reasons or yeah he's now not a just guy he lied to me at wcw and he uh he he he lied to me i don't belief other folks don't deceive me sorry enact it is probably you’ll possibly be searching to chat about it or as a ways as uh no it wasn't even that .

Necessary it became supreme a trivial exiguous child [__] appropriate and that's why he's the assign he's at what enact you attribute uh the chemistry between you and girl you guys work mountainous collectively uh comedy i ponder we each and every love to giggle we each and every had a real time with every various and we each and every realized that .

Wrestling is now not it's it's now not it's now not a cure for cancer it's now not a coronary heart transplant it's entertainment have fun with it if you're that thinking about something we're gonna enact something else appropriate and we supreme had a supreme time doing it did you revel in announcing or managing .

Higher oh announcing nothing you don't receive touched any individual picks you up all appropriate yeah did um you want receive noteworthy extra money love with your guys working with hogan did you made it became it that noteworthy of a distinction definite you continually made extra in case you labored in .

The essential match and when your man became uh serious about an attitude with hogan or something definite you made reasonably just a few money that's why with the uh the purple roosters this world is i became supreme doing that to receive tv time you're gonna receive him angry with those guys and so they're gonna receive him angry would you pay to search him .

I bet now not no most likely the most angles that you just've been fervent with love the reducing of andre's hair and stuff love that what are some of those that stick out most likely the most to you oh that became fun because john acknowledged you secured the hair within the uncover for over a year .

Somehow gene oakland acknowledged one among these i ponder it's getting gray he had a salon within the uncover it became getting mountainous i consider a comic andre's legend andrew used to love to have just a few drinks within the morning appropriate so um he on a plane in some unspecified time in the future .

And in top quality it is probably you’ll possibly possibly pull the armrest up and switch it so he's attempting to drag that up so the sewers comes by and he or she says something i will be capable to receive you seen andre wished a drink so he acknowledged screwdriver about 10 minutes later she comes up and fingers him a screwdriver so andre says to her what would it is probably you’ll possibly have .

Introduced me if i supreme acknowledged bloody mary so i acknowledged am i able to focus on over with you for a minute i name her into the galley i acknowledged when a guy gets on the plane and he's seven foot five and he's 550 kilos and he smashed don't affirm him tools it's straightforward yeah what if you wished a buzz seen or a jackhammer .

No enact it is probably you’ll possibly have any real tales about you and gina comparable to bloopers or something no because we allow them to wander it became supreme they had been supreme we would mess up so over and over on issues and we supreme let it wander because he laughed and that i laughed appropriate i may perchance possibly well bid he would bid what what .

What are you doing stop that and we supreme had a supreme time it became supreme it became the finest time in my 40 years within the industry with him how did the premise near about for the bobby heading demonstrate vince came up with it and uh vince had a guy that became alleged to head in .

Okay issues with u.s.a.a. network and that's why i totally ran four presentations i ponder because u.s.a.a. we now have a contract for two hours of wrestling now not an hour and a half of now not a half of hour by bohemian demonstrate effectively it's calm wrestling up they didn't ponder of it that manner so as that became within the contract they had two hours of wrestling so as that's why .

They lower it off appropriate nonetheless i i ponder would had been fun to withhold continue i ponder it is probably you’ll possibly possibly i ponder it may perchance probably possibly work now it became mountainous stuff yeah nonetheless it with out a doubt became it became onerous to enact because there became no viewers you couldn't time your laughs appropriate nonetheless the folks had been so .

They had been they had been staunch they they had been staunch they came upon them on the freeway they had been the assign did jameson near from he's an actor he's uh he's around manhattan and vince loved the guy for some reason i mean he's a correct man he's a a real actor what he did some .

Commercials for various issues and he's a real guy i do know you guys had love the porno actress on one time rosati sisters i imagine had been on one among the presentations the undoubtedly cats yeah i bet the um the porno queen we had became uh heather heather hunter yeah yeah and uh .

But she she wasn't appealing searching to me she became little and he or she did she wasn't horny horny to me is horny horny isn't having all the issues to loiter around of your garments and tall lips and a bunch of that aqua velvet she's calm within the industry that's supreme he's calm making mountainous there's reasonably just a few guys at four .

O'clock within the morning calm pulling in those places we're in gouaches thoughts on managing recruit route became onerous to administer who didn't desire a supervisor he didn't desire me he thought he may perchance possibly well receive over with out me which became pleasing i don't have any downside .

With that he continually thought i became attempting to interact his warmth never never did that this assign me with him as a end result of the introduction females and gentlemen and we would enact the chip and dale part and that became it and uh obviously vince felt that impolite .

Couldn't enact it on my own or he wouldn't assign him with me various than that he became supreme a industry companion to me that became all thoughts on your weasel suit fits with closing assign on and how onerous became it to work with him the weasel suit masters with mountainous garnier had been mountainous .

With the closing warrior it became onerous to work an attitude with him because he didn't know the relevant system to work he didn't set apart the industry oh to your stewie andre used to love to be clotheslined nonetheless he wished to step out just a few foot from the ropes so in case you hit him .

He may perchance possibly well spend a step abet and tie himself appropriate effectively the warrior would near love 200 miles an hour and supreme hit him as onerous as he may perchance possibly well which would never disaster andre effectively he became here on the wander i knew something became gonna happen down the freeway next night .

Identical assign of living third night here comes the warrior 100 200 miles an hour supreme as he gets there and he goes puts the hand up which is love this appropriate he stops in frigid cracks the paint he grabs the rope .

Almost goes down doesn't know the assign he's at next night here he comes bang and hungry seems out of me goes he's learning that's the relevant system to indicate him that's mountainous because i'll boom you something if andre did now not desire you to have a real match .

Neglect it appropriate it is probably you’ll possibly possibly enact it there's nothing it is probably you’ll possibly possibly will we've heard that before i ponder jake acknowledged that yeah whenever he went to steal him up andre would step on his hair oh i informed you stanley became here and steal him up i became telling you andre decided to stand on you too i may perchance possibly well boom him hop .

I don't imagine k he may perchance possibly well enact everybody he used to love to sit down on the iron cheek when the sheik's head confronted that manner he would sit this vogue on him and spend his hands and prance love a ship on the honorable hated the sheep hated him because he .

Pushed other folks around and took supreme thing about other folks within the ring that's what audrey didn't comparable to reasonably just a few guys within the used days had been weekend wrestlers they had jobs and so they would near on tv and so they weren't any real they shouldn't had been there appropriate so some guys would damage him .

Properly that's now not going to assist you and your match it's now not going to assist you when this guy punches you and throwing around either so what you enact is you spend them down you receive holes you receive your self over you’re employed with the folks you receive the announcer you assassinate six minutes forget him nonetheless reasonably just a few guys will wander out .

There and are searching to give those guys spots appropriate it is probably you’ll possibly possibly't they are able to't enact them then they receive angry at them when they mess them up and so they beat the varied guys these guys are working for the weekend they have got a job precise thru the week they must feed their families other folks never cared about that when rick flair came into the company uh whose .

Conception became it to assign you with ric flair because reasonably just a few other folks acknowledged why did they assign bobby with ric flair rick flair's a mountainous talker and enact you imagine it became the reason they assign me with rick for because rick for couldn't near in to chat but he wasn't freed from his contract k that's appropriate you guys did a vignettes .

First so i sent them they sent the belt first that became it thoughts on managing rick flair mountainous mountainous fun guy i bet it seemed in the end you broken-down out of the flare and uh really you i had a execrable neck i had broke my neck on 83 .

In japan and it persistently saved getting worse that's why i stop managing i supreme couldn't enact it anymore i became in too noteworthy anguish and that i supreme wished to it became no extra fun i've done it all i mean there became nothing else to enact i've been i've been on my gasoline assign of living in japan so .

What's left all appropriate thoughts on kurt henning kurt's a mountainous athlete real child i do know his dad and mother thoroughly and he's a he's a town he um he's misunderstood so a lot by other folks they ponder he's reasonably just a few promotions ponder he's uh attempting to stay it up their butt your complete time .

He's supreme attempting to receive everybody's attempting to receive his money yeah so all appropriate what are most likely the most i bet authorized wrestlers that it is advisable work with and work spots out with or and who’re most likely the most least authorized wrestlers that you just want enact you mean within the ring within the ring oh i .

Loved working with purple bastine uh pepper gomez um the high flyers bronzong um i didn't love working with the warrior because he had no appreciate for wrestlers he became supreme a a muscle-prance uh maternity or some titty bar most likely i don't know i mean he has no .

Wrestling ability he never thought of learning the relevant system to scrap he thought he'd assign paint on and hold various issues off his boots and assign on feathers or something i don't know nonetheless you i realized that a prolonged time ago i informed pat o'connor informed me one time i informed pet i acknowledged i'm gonna assign on these dim and white boots and a .

Shadowy and this and that and passes alongside the relevant system to work that's how you're going to receive money and that became appropriate nonetheless pepper gomez became fun to work with um angry dog rashad became fun to work with what became your authorized attitude i bet that you just had been ever fervent with within the waf .

In the wwf yeah oh um andre and hogan yeah tall industry yeah because it became uh it is probably you’ll possibly possibly sink your teeth into it it wasn't love strolling around with a rooster i mean here you had a you had a man appropriate here's something to chat about and but most likely the most traditional part within the industry appropriate .

Now became uh hogan and the largest guy became andre and um i in actuality feel vince didn't ponder that i may perchance possibly well raise the torch he wouldn't assign me there no supervisor within the industry says i'm the first supervisor ever within the nwa in saint louis first supervisor in japan um i did reasonably just a few issues no person else ever did .

No longer because i wished to because it supreme came about nonetheless uh i i loved what i did i in actuality did how became japan fat of jabs as a ways as love working there what became that it's k here is one month you assign in you on the bus and you you wander dwelling appropriate appropriate assign your time .

Yeah now when the sex scandal broke out what became the vibe within the locker room within the enviornment wrestling federation the sex scandal with uh wwf yeah and the homosexuality and all that no person cared no it's love what would happen if the word bought out within the file alternate .

As any individual smoked dope i mean it's supreme one other legend one other part you didn't care about appropriate everybody are searching to enact is wander dwelling all it is probably you’ll possibly be searching to enact is receive their assessments and wander dwelling they had been so bored stiff in traveling every building became the identical every airport became the identical you'd work 10 days you're off three you'd work four you're .

Off three you labored 10. now i didn't because some of those days i had three days off i had to head to baltimore and enact top time appropriate appropriate or some guys would must enact deepest appearances so you didn't continually receive that spoil day did you ever enact tnt the demonstrate tnt oh yeah k uh nightheart had 80 some days one time .

In a row we labored and that i labored in georgia for nwa in 79 from february 2nd till thanksgiving with out a spoil day how enact you cope you drove either dwelling of three or four within the afternoon so you continually had the mornings at dwelling appropriate appropriate and you had been getting cash and .

Quite a lot of than that what are you gonna enact on haku haku yeah class man class man toughest one toughest man i've ever met in my lifestyles nonetheless he has a staunch real coronary heart for folks and all he needs to enact is candy work and feed his household did vince ever enact something either on digicam or an attitude match etc within the abet of the .

Scenes that in actuality upset you no no he never upset me doing something he became um he became tender he supreme knew the relevant system to accommodate other folks thoughts on the british bulldogs oh i believed they had been mountainous i believed they had been i believed they had been the first label scene that in actuality labored as a label group your .

Brother takings before and nonetheless these guys i mean they supreme stopped spots you never seen with the center-broken slams off the tip rope i believed they had been mountainous i became impressed by them i i loved working with them thoughts on randy savage and elizabeth we've heard reasonably just a few tales on the manner .

He handled her and stuff and locking room effectively um i became i became in broadcasting then or i became with andre so i wasn't with randy on the freeway with him i'd heard tales that he saved her locked into a room so the blokes wouldn't effectively or now not it is important to enact that occasionally because the .

Boys will most likely be boys nonetheless nonetheless you ought to grab if you ought to perchance affirm her around then so i don't set apart it never affected me or something uh i managed randy's dad within the early 60s angelo poffo and um he became a correct man randy's k uh liz became supreme a extraordinarily fine person and that i .

Had a job to play that's how i regarded at it as i never regarded at somebody love here is a macho man here is a hulk here is a rooster there had been other folks had a job that's dwelling with your uh heel commentary with your one-liners and all the issues became there ever time at some level of your occupation .

Or love perchance you in actuality insulted any individual and so they really took it for my fragment yeah sid vicious when they came as a lot as me i acknowledged he's now not the sharpest knife he's now not the sharpest fork within the drawer that will most likely be sharpest knife wouldn't it nonetheless being the mind i made it detect .

Tiring asserting that the sharpest foot love uh the mikey uh [__] sheep dip the baby here i name him that because that name will stop greater than his various name appropriate appropriate appropriate so sid came as a lot as me says .

I'm now not tiring don't focus on me love that k there became one other child named canyon he would receive within the ring and he insulted other folks and he acknowledged what enact you imagine of me and so they would bid he's a [__] and he'd receive angry .

Properly i informed him they acknowledged why don't you receive to the ring praise everybody entertain them what what an gorgeous what an gorgeous searching costume it is probably you’ll possibly have on my desire a correct searching tie and beautiful younger other folks after which when they bid they don't comparable to you then bid wait a minute .

I supreme informed you i loved you i gave you compliments and you became on me nonetheless look that's in case you spend a guy on the lowest stage of the industry and take a look at to assign him in a significant match stage he wasn't prepared and that i informed him that i acknowledged try this he's out i'll perchance try it as a assign of living demonstrate .

So the assign is he now some guys will never receive money and a few guys will jake roberts your thoughts on jake roberts became a enormously gifted man nonetheless he had reasonably just a few psychological complications he had reasonably just a few emotional complications in his lifestyles nonetheless uh interview bright i may perchance possibly well when i became .

Producing interviews i may perchance possibly well wander away jake within the room on my own and enact a weekend interview with him and dbrc never must effort about them they would receive all the issues on the money appropriate yeah um did you look beyond the mat within the film k i've never i've never read a wrestling e book or watched a wrestling film or something .

Love that because uh i ponder everybody's obtainable to knock us and that i don't i don't have to be made a fool if i will be capable to enact that myself um you furthermore mght managed tally and iron mind busters what became that love aaron's a mountainous guy boom me supreme bought a a personality downside i love fat .

Though nonetheless i do know his dad staunch effectively joe and that i had been very real visitors till we supreme he had a listening to complications with other folks he had a personality downside that's k did you invest wander away on real terms yeah yeah i left there i my contract became up i .

Used to be supreme bored stiff in going to manhattan i became supreme bored stiff in traveling and my daughter became going to college of alabama for the time being and that i became residing in florida so i had a gamble i became supreme going to spend off a year and enact nothing i supreme wished to spend off a year i became tired after 30 some years .

And wcw called me and made me a proposal so i took it the undoubtedly reason i did became to be nearer to my child that's all had nothing to enact with wwf i mean wwf became here we look w's appropriate i mean it's love taking half in t-ball the yankees i mean there became no comparability it became a .

Sad very poorly trot company i bet how had been you within the foundation approached by wcw uh i became dwelling and that i bought called to enact the sunday night demonstrate eric bishop called me that's for definite so i came in he gave me a proposal one ticket to enact one demonstrate after which when jesse uh .

Quit i started doing jesse's stuff so he gave me a elevate to enact that he gave me three raises so i may perchance possibly well i’ve no disaster with eric he wasn't the brightest guy in the case of wrestling nonetheless he gave me three razors so he acknowledged k what are your initial i bet what had been your initial thoughts .

About eric bishop as a person and stuff eric bischoff became a adolescence automotive salesman supreme came about to be serious about wrestling how would you evaluation him in vince oh is there a fresh comparability walmart neiman marcus i mean there's there's no comparability there in actuality isn't to begin with .

Whoever made the resolution whoever came up with the premise to beat goldberg that became execrable yeah nonetheless whoever okayed it that became worse whether it's eric's fault whether it's dr harvey showers or whoever became that's what killed the wrestling industry he became the following tall part they didn't even set apart it .

He ticket maguire is a real supreme friend of mine and ticket mcguire came to atlanta and he wished to fulfill goldberg because he may perchance possibly well love to figure out so mcguire became on the the ballpark appropriate goldberg went over to fulfill him maguire ripped his shirt off and rubbed his bat on his chest and went on his 70 dwelling runs .

We had no person from our company there to film it vince would have had maguire at louisville picking out the wooden and the bat appropriate he'd had maguire getting dressed he'd had goldberg inserting on a t-shirt getting prepared vince would have produced it walmart i ponder one among the tall complications with wcw is there became no guy that came .

From a wrestling background there became no money there became no money that came out of their pockets vince is a wrestling company that needs tv to outlive wcw became a wrestling company that supreme came about to have us on eric bishop's money became now not that became turner's money .

Ted didn't care vince's money is vince's money when i pay you for something you greater enact it they had been giving guys money that you just couldn't even imagine guys that shouldn't shouldn't have made 50 cents had been making a half of a million greenbacks um it supreme i mean followers may perchance possibly well look it it .

Didn't work it became ridiculous they never followed up an attitude they never did something they would enact something after which let it lay never what had been you thinking the night that all the issues went down between you and uh brian pilment on the conflict of champions .

That became an accident look in case you enact tv it is probably you’ll possibly possibly't detect into the ring or now not it is important to search a song appropriate so i'm watching the song i don't know pelman never met him he walked within the abet of me and assign my coat down around my shoulders supreme taking half in appropriate nonetheless i had had neck damage and that i i believed it became a fan .

Coming and grabbing me so i oh nonetheless i didn't set apart it became filming wrestlers are uninteresting they ponder wander mess with the announcers because they're on digicam your complete time don't they ever look the demonstrate we're totally on digicam perchance on the starting perchance on the stop wcw never assign us on that noteworthy .

They didn't know the scheme they had been tiring let's start up as we're getting out of limos everybody gets out of the limo currently in case you start up love that you just imagine have i skipped over something to contain to start the demonstrate to contain to boom who the announcers are what's coming up what you're going to .

Seek receive it tantalizing that's how i in actuality feel wcw supreme um it became a it became a television production that had no person responsible that knew what they had been doing it became pitiful to search thoughts and tony shavani became the worst because he didn't love the followers he didn't love the wrestlers and he .

Wouldn't boom mike to nay and that i something about what's occurring his secret to lifestyles became details is vitality so he feels he felt if he knew something he became extra highly efficient than us tall deal this guy's going over who cares and occasionally they would desire they wouldn't boom us what became occurring .

They acknowledged we wished to be love a shoot how would you react so i informed them i acknowledged i wouldn't bid nothing because we've never considered one it don't happen it's entertainment industry they never may perchance possibly well set apart that they may perchance possibly also simply now not set apart that .

They also assign you with steve mcmichael i imagine cindy mcmichaels became up for an emmy award um when he became doing somebody commit for an emmy award they they picked love 30 other folks nonetheless totally love four wander for it nonetheless he became in a particular stage when he became doing the television a radio for the .

Chicago bears and he became a mountainous bowl uh champion all that and eric bischoff supreme fell in esteem with the guy as a end result of who he became nonetheless bobby hannan can now not enact hockey i will be capable to't even bid the names hurts i will be capable to't enact football i will be capable to totally enact wrestling love michaels can enact football .

He can't enact wrestling some guys supreme can't enact definite issues madden madden can't enact wrestling nonetheless they loved him they wished a youthful and additional mtv detect so as that's why they took me off and assign madden on that's a real detect i are searching to wander into reverse a exiguous bit we had been .

Speaking earlier on about tv and stuff love that now when vince modified over his theory of tv the earlier within the 80s became extra comparable to the guy tall guy in opposition to a smaller guy squash fits and stuff love that and he went to extra aggressive fits with uh monday night .

Raw what are your what's your spend on that i mean oh i love that i never loved the i continually thought with squash match became the guy goes up and gets the beer and goes to the loo he waits to search the interview because now not one among the seeing a squash man appropriate and um .

There's nothing in actuality to search because the guy does the identical part your complete time he clotheslines the guy slams a guy kicks a guy that's it the interview it is probably you’ll possibly be searching to search when vince modified it around i believed it made tv greater i believed it may perchance probably possibly also simply give the fan something at dwelling to search .

A great deal of oldsters love tony sivan doesn't love the followers and closing warrior um i became talking about him earlier we had a assign of living one night the assign i jumped up and that i informed him i he became gonna shut on i acknowledged no in space of dresses on me nail me after which put up me because i had a .

Unsightly neck that manner i may perchance possibly well enact the finest i may perchance possibly well for you and the product appropriate i jump up he came out of nowhere supreme waffled me to the floor i'm about to costume him i asked him i acknowledged how near he acknowledged i never know what i'm going to enact i acknowledged effectively then i never know the assign .

I'm going to be look what they don't set apart is their complete personality their complete image is the closing this i may perchance possibly well receive him detect love a half of crap so easy all i enact is i are searching to enact bid slam me within the ring hide me and kick out i may perchance possibly well have killed his .

Gimmick i may perchance possibly well have had him hit me with a clothesline detect i'm going nonetheless they don't set apart they're inclined and we bought him they don't set apart that and the followers don't deserve that they deserve to have a they deserve to have entertainment .

I buried my mother my grandmother and my weapons with the money i made off this industry so i owe them something that's the truth it is probably you’ll possibly possibly't detect at them as marks as k fabes no there are other folks who receive out of line they're other folks who family members receive a line royalties are love .

Fish after three days they sink and consider supreme friend and desires a pest nonetheless no followers are they they feed us they enact did you furthermore mght love the understanding of monday night raw oh i uncover it irresistible are residing wrestling i loved the manhattan middle the assign they did it appropriate it had a particular detect and it became it became vitality within the building .

And vince knew it and uh i loved it i mean i loved it yeah and what are your emotions on paper views as a ways because the wrestling world and stuff and did you look that i ponder there's too many now it's love uh i i didn't i ponder the wrestling tv you look is as real because the .

Pay-per-views so why spend the pay-per-views in case you're watching 52 weeks of real tv why pay 50 bucks to search the identical part you're going to search appropriate i i ponder when vince had it love before a year uncover it irresistible became summerslam survivor series became onerous .

Sexy um royal rumble and wrestlemania i believed that became mountainous nonetheless when it when he went every month with something the undoubtedly one which manner something now may perchance possibly be wrestlemania that's factual yeah now on wcw did you calm end fervent with uh obviously lady monsoon you calm .

Stayed fervent with appropriate uh till he passed away uh till the day he died his his wife called his daughter called me at night before he died and acknowledged he became testing the sanatorium he wished to near dwelling after which he she called me the morning and he or she acknowledged he became gone .

Construct you imagine he became there yeah we had been because we knew lady and victor and victor became i took victor flynn we flew we drove them to the sanatorium and that before yeah and valerie called me that night and informed me and uh he became supreme a a mountainous guy .

Never had a execrable time with him droll legend first time we ever went to his dwelling to drop him off we had been sitting and that i bet his wife became getting us iced tea or something or sitting there and girl became doing the yard work he's sporting his purple hat he supreme walked past the window and .

Hopped in with the with the weed white we're supreme sitting there uncover it irresistible became supreme the funniest part his bedroom became oriental with furnishings and stuff he informed me he says she’s going to have to have married fuji that's mountainous the closing time they threw me out of raw .

Sexy um the assign became it manhattan west um the assign's scotland lives i'm now not definite it's appropriate exterior of laguardia white plains and uh they threw me out that night and vince acknowledged how enact it is probably you’ll possibly be searching to receive how enact it is probably you’ll possibly be searching to leave .

I acknowledged effectively have it is probably you’ll possibly have enact throw me out i acknowledged i'll have a uncover that i'll have love lamps after which i'll have uh towels and ashtrays all the issues that raised it may perchance probably possibly interact so patterson acknowledged why don't it is probably you’ll possibly have bras and panties i seen a pat in case you and that i packed for .

The freeway i ponder we packed otherwise so gino threw me out that night after which we bought within the automotive we went abet to laguardia to the uh resort we bought the elevator we had off them before collectively identical floor i seen here is it we shook fingers and that i went to my room and my room became a .

Basket of fruit so i called him i acknowledged hello you tall ape i bought bananas here he's k so he came down the hall and that i gave it to him we cried for an hour and a half of that became it receive abet to wcw um how had been you handled in wcw oh no appreciate i had a theory .

Uh uh when cactus jack became there with uh mankind or man anguish or regardless of it became max anguish yeah they had been wrestling the tear boys or something so i instructed i acknowledged why don't it is probably you’ll possibly have gene start it up and you continually hear sirens and purple lights flashing his face and he says .

You're now not going to imagine the assign i'm at and supreme pull abet and he's in an ambulance going to the ring and bishop acknowledged bobby you're supreme an announcer we'll near up with those suggestions after which those and that that's when i figured it out every two weeks k i ought to test or .

Hotfoot dwelling i lost your complete desire to work didn't care anymore or something they wouldn't even boom us to steal out this occasionally occasionally we wouldn't even receive a program um of what became occurring the demonstrate till love the third match everybody that became there .

Excluding for just a few other folks shouldn't had been there they weren't fine to be in television or to to enact something esteem to enact in wrestling they they weren't any real straightforward if you if all you other folks watching us now are going to narrate i'm a jerk are we in industry does wcw industry why .

Because they couldn't enact it they didn't know the relevant system to compete with vince mcmahon if you had been responsible of wcw what would it is probably you’ll possibly have done otherwise i'd assign everybody in one room and roll a hand grenade in there all appropriate what i may perchance possibly well have done is i may perchance possibly well have let it wander as it became i may perchance possibly well have never bitched the ability .

Or the television other folks why because they're going to enact what they are searching to enact anyway this vogue everybody would bid what's he identified love he never complains so i calm receive my test every two weeks that's all i care about now i used to care about the industry how it ran and what became occurring and .

How real we regarded i had appreciate for what i did you receive down there when you money's now not fervent and so they don't have any money they don't care so i don't care pay me i'll wander dwelling supreme sit enact it is probably you’ll possibly have any recollections that stick out with wcw something that became that'd be love asking georgia brett when .

He had that hemorrhoid operation she remembered that appropriate um let's look i i became gonna assign a question to you became it onerous to work there as a end result of lack of group and obviously yeah it became because i love to work i love to entertain i love to receive other folks giggle and every other folks ponder effectively my form of .

Commentating isn't a complete onerous sell heel effectively to begin with now not everybody believes what we enact is staunch occasionally you've been a fight in a bar and you threw a guy within the nook appropriate no it don't happen and it i i imagine that now not everybody believes it's staunch so or now not it is important to entertain them .

And receive them delighted and have a real time that's what i enact if you don't uncover it irresistible pleasing um reasonably just a few guys would boom me occasionally now reasonably just a few guys uh brian adams one time informed me he says we're attempting to receive over now we're in actuality extreme obtainable i felt love staying with him perchance you .

Have to lay him in now not receive it detect comparable to you couldn't spoil an egg so i mean you it is probably you’ll possibly possibly't receive chicken salad out of chicken [__] appropriate had been you ever asked to simply about managing wcw mm-hmm i'm serious just a few form of no no who enact they are searching to assign you with they didn't bid nonetheless they didn't know the scheme .

To utilize wrestlers they weren't going to use me plus my neck i didn't are searching to disaster with that anymore appropriate appropriate how did issues commerce when scott hall and kevin ash came into the company industry improved industry became in actuality real i ponder scott hall became a heck of a ability i ponder he had some execrable recommendation from some execrable other folks he hung with .

Uh nonetheless scott hall may perchance possibly well calm be a tall participant now with wwf uh used the relevant manner he's now not a execrable guy he supreme gets execrable recommendation from some execrable other folks appropriate and um nash became supreme a tall guy nothing particular nonetheless nonetheless hall had he had charisma he had appropriate when he did the toothpick part he .

Didn't love doing that i informed him i acknowledged supreme withhold doing throw it appropriate in direction of the digicam he used to enact it love that i acknowledged no enact it love that he acknowledged this detect i acknowledged don't effort about he had no self assurance then within the waste he bought self assurance he he scott hall be a he'd be a heck of .

A town nonetheless he has to be produced and managed talking of you giving recommendation to guys did any of the youthful guys ever manner you with suggestions or attempting to narrate over with you yeah some guys have continually asked me i continually try to assist somebody nonetheless i i informed them i acknowledged this may perchance occasionally possibly well also simply match for me .

Might possibly possibly well also now not work for you and that i supreme informed them the good judgment of it everytime you're serious just a few match or managing or on air or enact regardless of you're doing fake you're doing it for staunch it'll work i mean i managed the blokes i pretended i i i owned them i had .

An investment when i became in that room this guy became going to kick my butt and that's what would i enact what would i enact if you bought here after me with a board when i shake fingers i scuttle please don't i pull a atomize in entrance of me i may perchance possibly well enact all the issues that it is probably you’ll possibly possibly ponder of to assign my hide appropriate it's straightforward .

Did i is there any guys that it is probably you’ll possibly possibly bid that you just're undoubtedly guilty for as a ways as getting them over oh i don't are searching to spend credit ranking for that i imagine whoever bought over bought over because they did um with their have ability if i had something to enact with it then we each and every did .

I didn't receive over on my have i bought over with managing other folks so um the group of the valiants they they had been ineffective they wished me they had been in actuality ineffective they couldn't focus on or hump they may perchance possibly also simply focus on on the nasty situations appropriate and that i'll never .

Impart the relevant issues and so they would enact the identical tiring issues within the ring your complete time they had been they had been love um they're love your honeymoon the following night's now not that real first time you look him became k nonetheless all appropriate .

Now in 96 when wcw started to commerce issues around the industry went up um how did eric bishoff commerce within the abet of the scenes personality-bright that's onerous to narrate because he never had any disagreement with somebody he never talked to somebody no person there ever acknowledged in case you had been done with a broadcast .

Sexy or that stunt no person ever acknowledged nothing to you you never knew something what became occurring bishop acted love he became above everybody else and he had no time to chat to somebody else effectively i i i've been there since luther's and and and considered the vince mcmahons and .

Folks that had been significant and it didn't galvanize me so i supreme overlooked it every two weeks cashed a test when industry started to head down did something commerce or the identical oh no when industry became real issues had been the identical no person became fine no person did something we had been supreme fortunate we had 83 .

Weeks at #1 we had been supreme fortunate and why we had been fortunate because consider vince placed on those vignettes about hogan being used and savage all that did became receive other folks tune in and look what we had been doing appropriate appropriate that's what helped us and goldberg after which they they killed .

Every little thing so they weren't natty other folks what would it is probably you’ll possibly have done uncle goldberg oh i may perchance possibly well i may perchance possibly well have had him wander 3 000 to begin with he's jewish most other folks in marketing and in television are jewish other folks they've never had a champion they would trot with this guy they would esteem him .

I'm now not being racist or something nonetheless a polish guy receive over in warsaw if he killed kowalski over there if he became in poland appropriate nonetheless i mean this may perchance have labored they've never had a guy love this plus he played pro ball plus he became raw he didn't know the relevant system to work nonetheless what he .

Did became real ample and he had that detect that it is probably you’ll possibly possibly produce around and whoever decided to beat him and stumble on it destroyed over 200 jobs of oldsters at wcw other folks who you don't even know that lost jobs because any individual became taking half in with the .

Industry they didn't in actuality know and so they didn't in actuality enact they didn't in actuality beat goldberg to assist goldberg or to assist the industry they did it selfishly to damage goldberg and it damage everybody he became undoubtedly the future of the industry oh of route of route i may perchance possibly well have had him wander 2000 .

Marciano did tall deal nonetheless that will had been something to chat about and you’d like something to chat about that became irregular it became at any time did you ever have talks with ecw the least bit about no never did and did you ever spend into consideration returning to wf uh yeah i name occasions when i became done .

At the wcw till i became available and he acknowledged i'll receive abet to you and use me at wrestlemania appropriate appropriate and that became fun that became mountainous it became love being i became love being abet in hollywood after being on a in a carnival appropriate it in actuality .

Used to be everybody became polite and grateful and other folks acknowledged sir and the production became trot effectively and it became it became real it became in actuality real it became i bought to search a bunch of used visitors and stuff and it became fun enact you imagine you'll wander abet uh if if the money became appropriate .

And the timing became appropriate i don't are searching to work every day anymore i don't are searching to uh i went i bought my e book popping out i are searching to enact that i are searching to enact deepest appearances i are searching to enact commercials i are searching to be a spokesperson for an organization or something wrestling i don't know if i are searching to enact i .

Don't ponder there goes to be wrestling anymore i in actuality don't look it because other folks aren't going to bewitch tickets when they know what's going to happen that's my thinking you imagine it's supreme the industry goes to head down yeah plus i ponder you’d like an opposition to receive your self fight appropriate appropriate .

And i ponder vince even supposing he owns wcw it's calm the identical i mean i i i’m hoping the household does real with it nonetheless i in actuality look it's going to be a disaster i i there's no interest there anymore to me there's no interest now i bet in case you had been modified by .

Be conscious madden how did you watch out i had i labored with wcw for six years i skipped over two days one became my mother-in-regulations died and that i had to head to the funeral the varied one became i had strep throat and that i called tony and that i acknowledged i will be capable to't focus on and that i bet terry taylor everybody went nuts attempting .

To gain madden and when i came abet the following week then that uh became his name no the varied guy that he's alleged to be a author oh the jr guy who labored with uh vince russo uh oh ed became k nonetheless the varied guy became herself oh he became supreme a .

A 3-nook guy attempting to swap the the p under the shell on the varied nook that's all he became three-card monty uh had no belief for the industry i mean he thought all the issues within the industry he wished to commerce and he may perchance possibly well demonstrate it withdraw money uh he became a author for vince imagine me .

Deem me if he came up with 20 real suggestions then she became won and adjusted it to what he wished appropriate how enact you enact with wcw nothing nothing it became unhealthy unhealthy unhealthy he became a disgrace i wasn't even wrestling when he when he took over the tv wasn't even wrestling .

Anymore no it became all skits no it wasn't it wasn't real and he thought he couldn't uh enact it and he couldn't i already asked you about tony comic we brought him up i became gonna assign a question to you about uh your authorized and least authorized announcers enact you’re employed with my authorized .

Used to be i mean uh monsoon appropriate and oakland he's in mike tenney how's mean it is probably you’ll possibly possibly must work with that's wondering real yeah he's he's he's real at work he's he's comic it is probably you’ll possibly possibly continually receive fun with a guy with a bald hair and .

5 feet three how did you watch out that the wf became procuring wcw uh any individual called me and informed me i knew it became gonna happen i knew any individual became gonna spend it because it became going no space there became no administration there or nothing and .

I figured if this became the undoubtedly reason he'd spend it became supreme to have the tapes appropriate there's no various reason now they're the use of the under guys it don't work i'm sorry i don't ponder it works that retains me from getting a job at wwf tricky that's the manner i in actuality feel how are you .

Handled by the boys in case you bought here abet oh they had been mountainous oh yeah i i never met the dudley's appropriate they had been real guys i had a supreme time with them they had been real guys i love them and eddie guerrero became an used supreme friend of mine and moenko and the iron sheik he's supreme a fashioned fool and a [__] love volkov and .

Iron had been talking hillbilly gym and appropriate oh we had we had a easiest time it became it became fun it became love uh it became love any individual pulls a steak out of your coronary heart and you near alive but all once more i became gonna assign a question to you you further or much less touched on it did you look that as a return as a farewell or a return .

Uh i regarded at it as a chance whether he's gonna hire me or now not it's as a lot as him appropriate whether i are searching to work or agenda what he needs is as a lot as me um i in actuality don't need the money i supreme must receive out of the home because i'm thinking of my wife now as nicole i simpson you supreme can't be .

I've been on the freeway for 40 years now i'm dwelling i supreme i supreme are searching to head and enact something um particularly love going abet to wcw what became your feeling love in direction of love a fresh style wrestling love lucha libre and the jap and love the rubbish wrestling .

That became k occasionally i mean i i believed for the mexicans what you ought to enact is that they brought in 12 guys a night you ought to affirm in two guys and produce in 12 hoods they all detect the identical supreme swap them appropriate allow them to enact interviews so no person's going to ever know who they are anyway .

How over and over can you hit a guy a tubby guy with a rubbish can that don't damage how over and over can you beat a guitar over a guy's head and no person's hospitalized i mean there's some issues they did it's supreme ridiculous i became continually brought up in case you hit a guy with something enact something .

Form it mean it appropriate yeah or don't enact it nonetheless who who enact you in actuality feel is single love effectively who’s the essential person for the downfall of wcw if you had a single at one person it has to be whoever became responsible and it has to be bishop or dr harvey bathe whoever acknowledged k we'll enact that we'll beat goldberg we'll .

Give this guy 8 million to enact nothing we'll pay these guys 500 000 for 10 years end dwelling whoever made those choices did it enact you imagine that became bishop's resolution i don't know no no i enact now not set apart it wasn't his money it became turner's money .

I don't ponder ted knew the assign his money became it became aol's money it became time warner who knew who knew it became onerous to boom or the politics love gradual the scenes at wcw with uh hogan effectively you look i became in announcer's room they had been continually of their room with signs within the .

Door enact now not enter and so they had uh dominus dillinger on the door watching it so no person would uh what he did as a cop what became that he became a carpenter charlotte he did no he drove the bike on the funerals what a hazard there they're uninteresting yeah and so they're crying and there's vegetation .

No downside he drove the bike at funerals no security how over and over you look guys jump within the ring nonetheless the uncommon signs on the doors enact now not enter so i don't know what went on in hogan's room or somebody's room love that i do know from hogan what i do know .

Hogan continually try to enact most likely the most he can for himself appropriate and the boys within the industry um there's reasonably just a few jealousy there so what everybody in that room i don't know about and uh no person would boom us no person wished to chat about it and no person cared it became it became at that level at our stage .

No one even cared what became occurring we supreme wished to receive done at 11 and wander dwelling it became supreme a complete bore thoughts on doing the wow uh pay-per-stare that became mountainous first time i heard about it first time i ever acknowledged a hoop ticket i regarded up a guy's trunks .

No the girls labored onerous and david mcqueen handled me fine and it became a particular journey and that i loved it it became reasonably just a few guys called me so why would you enact that why now not it became fun i are searching to have fun i in actuality feel worse doing a whereas than doing wcw match or any match it's supreme it's entertainment it's now not wrestling .

There is never a wrestling if it is probably you’ll possibly love to search wrestlers wander to iu appropriate or wander to iowa enlighten no here is wrestling pro wrestling that's what it is it's entertainment enact it is probably you’ll possibly have any thoughts of ever going into radio fat-time yeah i'd esteem to enact radio yeah i may perchance possibly well just a few issues within the works i'm attempting to .

Construct i are searching to work with any individual i are searching to enact on my have i will be capable to't focus on for three hours appropriate off any individual yeah i'm gonna enact that and that i'd esteem to enact that with any individual love tony be a real guy he's so straight he's a extra or much less a guy appropriate appropriate he makes espresso anxious .

he's a extraordinarily very gifted guy though he writes down all all the issues he's very prepared and that i love that i love i love to rehearse i don't love to rehearse nonetheless i love to be prepared what enact you bid to your critics that bid that your references on commentary over the final few years had been outdated .

Might possibly possibly well also very effectively be may perchance possibly be as a end result of uh you look the identical moves you look the identical guys there's various faces what can you bid no person does something various plus the wcw they didn't desire me to narrate something appropriate love eric informed me they had a [__] mexican battle royal midges with hoods .

He acknowledged don't bid nothing effectively how can bobby han the personality now not bid nothing appropriate he says what happens if i bid something he acknowledged effectively they're all appropriate in i acknowledged they are able to't resist they are able to't reach the slot how are they going to mail letters so they all bought a hoop one time so i .

Exact acknowledged it seems love a lag at a daycare middle from the used days i may perchance possibly well focus on tito i acknowledged appropriate issues love that nonetheless they didn't desire me to enact that they wished your complete emphasis on their ability they didn't desire somebody else over it .

And pretty just a few issues i most likely did bid became outdated and probably as a end result of the product i didn't care that became my have fault most likely being lackadaisical i didn't care there became nothing they didn't receive me care if that battle royal became in wwf within the leisurely 80s most likely the funniest match in .

The history of wrestling if that match became in wwf within the leisurely 80s that'd most likely be the funniest match in this year wrestling oh this may perchance occasionally possibly let me enact regardless of i desire thoughts on the aggregate about jim ross and paul heyman enact you calm look tv no no k jim ross is extremely uh educated to the .

Industry he writes down all the issues he does his homework i love jim i labored with him my closing pay-per-stare on the wwf became from vegas and jim and that i and savage labored uh paul heyman i never labored with i love him as a as a chum a correct guy .

And i this guy's attempting to receive by in lifestyles receive a residing that's all it is enact you apply indies the least bit enact you look any of the indie promotions or something obtainable no you don't look something yeah k no how does it receive you in actuality feel after your complete years that you just've done for the wrestling wait let me .

Reiterate how does it receive you in actuality feel in spite of all the issues you've done for the industry after which you're watching the industry currently and the managers had been modified by girls obtainable with blonde hair and tall tits effectively i didn't enact something for the industry and what i did became for me .

And what i made off the industry and what i contributed became supreme me what somebody else does is their industry if a promoter needs to use any individual with tall boobs and a correct butt pleasing when he became a guy greater than me shorter taller pleasing i had a different a prolonged time ago .

To receive an education and wander on to medical faculty or regulations faculty or time out and distract i selected this memory of doing the arsenio hall demonstrate oh it became fun that became fun my wife stole all the issues obtainable they devise a tall basket within the room of fruit appropriate hams and all the issues .

So if you read my white picks up i acknowledged wander away it she knows for us i acknowledged i ponder we never did something love this don't steal it up they'll ponder we're the valiants so we receive abet to trot tonight about 12 o'clock and that i acknowledged boy i desire i had some of that food .

So she took all the issues out of her purse that's mountainous oh yeah so now the following time i did a demonstrate i informed him my wife stole all the issues he acknowledged effectively that's for you appropriate he sent me a basket the following day with all the issues in it and a doll for my daughter with a jacket on all the issues appropriate class guy that's frigid .

Yeah enact you ever have any warmth with somebody exterior the wrestling industry for something you've ever acknowledged no supreme that point sid informed me now to now not mention he became a dollar's fork within the drawer appropriate so uh nonetheless he the blokes don't set apart love roberta continually acknowledged i don't care if you spell a name nasty as prolonged as you .

Impart it appropriate and um no i never had to hit with any guy exterior the industry in no scheme i'm going to throw out some names to you and you supreme comment regardless of it is probably you’ll possibly be searching to narrate about the bruiser birdie never loved the man the least bit very egocentric he would near into a territory .

And he would he he had a mentality the assign he wished to stay it to the promoters so what he would enact is he would screw up fits purposely or try to waste industry appropriate nonetheless he didn't set apart there became a guy in that first match he became perchance making 50 bucks that wished that to pay his automotive price .

And even a baby strengthen price someplace and if bruiser brodie kills that industry that takes that pro bought a 50 bucks i imagine on your top guy you owe something to everybody on that card to be legit and to simply consider to enact it appropriate if you don't work .

For the guy boom him that nonetheless don't screw the varied guys on the cardboard because they bought to near abet next week you don't abdullah butcher lazy couldn't enact something what may perchance possibly well he enact it's a tall tubby guy with a fork what became it for jerry lawler .

Um fortunate very fortunate he became raised in a little territory he's managed to outlive all these years real hand real employee did you ever work memphis yeah a couple situations with who’s working i labored in 1965 for nichols also labored it for jarrett .

With bachmann glenn yeah enact jackie fargo yeah how's he detect real guy real guy supreme no money down there uh hillbilly mentality they supreme don't pay no money most guys you look in memphis or guys starting out or completing no person goes there to receive money you went .

To minneapolis manhattan to receive money appropriate jimmy dauntless pig billy graham film big name um mountainous talker don morocco real guy real weed no now not a real guy that became a real guy .

I don't know the relevant system to affirm up earlier king kong bundy what became it comparable to they continually assign on the dim suits appropriate appropriate anyway white hair and no hair i mean appropriate we're going to play with these students says hello what would it is advisable drink i acknowledged affirm me a scotch and water .

I used to name him shamu so she acknowledged what would he love i acknowledged affirm him a light fish and he leaned over on me love this and your complete manner to san francisco my suit became wrinkled nonetheless no uh bunny's a real guy dr david schultz schultz became um schultz became a redneck before rednecks .

Had been frigid huh he became the true steve austin yeah nonetheless david they even went too a ways appropriate yeah he he believed wrestling became staunch had been you there for the 2020 part with uh yeah is it factual that vince assign him as a lot as that i don't know appropriate nonetheless uh i you .

I wouldn't certainly slap any individual from abc except i became informed talking of that love fuji became within the background how became mr fuji love i heard he became love the largest river oh he became mountainous foods became mountainous you doze off on the airplanes he'd paint your fingernails you shave your eyebrows appropriate appropriate .

Oh yeah foods became real talking of one other rib i don't set apart it became abet within the awa days i ponder it became a angry dog for sean and love perchance harley trot he unfolded the plane doors no dog did that yeah um had been you there i i became alleged to be on that flight nonetheless i didn't that's when the aw had their have deepest .

Aircraft i used to name a suicide one and greg garnier informed dog to beat the airport at four o'clock they had been flying thru denver hasty metropolis denver minneapolis so dog on the airport at four o'clock the plane left at 3 30. dog became angry dog bought on the plane that night and he became he became in actuality angry .

Because he had to pay his have manner to head to and he supreme felt insulted so he opened the door and the door it had a pick it may perchance probably possibly start with stairs it became real now after which the tip would wander up the dog opened that up after which wrapped the cord around his neck and threw the uncover up .

Every little thing i became taking half in you supreme wished to have something to enact that night what um love tales love that how would you evaluation love wrestlers from love the 60s and 70s to wrestlers for the time being oh they had been greater within the 60s and 70s because they all they all rode in vehicles .

All of them bought alongside now everybody when they receive off a plane they first wander receive their have automotive then they wander to the gym they wander to their room uh they figure out they uh wander backward and forward they there's no camaraderie you study to work within the automotive .

It is advisable must enact interviews within the automotive it is probably you’ll possibly be searching to chat within the automotive now these guys near from gold gyms supreme because they bought extra gasoline in them than a bp assign of living they ponder they're a tall tricky guy i'm sorry it don't work i've never considered somebody enact gasoline or enact it nonetheless i set apart it happens in every .

Formal lifestyles most likely the fd uh the guy doing vegetation is one other pizza guy from papa john's i bet who knows nonetheless uh i became going to spend it one time when i first started the industry what came about uh there became a part called dianaball .

And an used time wrestleman rocky montero used to be a boxer he informed me child don't spend it he acknowledged it'll jam your kidneys and your coronary heart i never did i never did talking of medication love um i mean what’s your understanding on medication and likewise perchance a particular inquire of i there's reasonably just a few focus on medication and .

Wrestling for the time being became perchance now not medication abet within the day nonetheless how became ingesting abet within the 60s and 70s i heard reasonably just a few tales effectively other folks drank precise thru the despair became became it worse than the now enact you imagine or no milwaukee there's a bar in every nook .

All all of your lifestyles there's continually been actors have continually ranked baseball gamers football gamers everybody after baseball sport football sport there's beer within the locker rooms everybody drinks no there's continually been that folks have continually drank .

Uh medication now um the blokes that smoke bid themselves the blokes that enact various stuff up their nose bid themselves um they never flaunt it within the dressing they never focus on over with every various about it in entrance of me or somebody else so as that's extra or much less calm and that's what they enact if they enact it i'm now not asserting .

They enact or they don't i don't know nonetheless uh that's their industry nonetheless everybody has a couple beers after a match everybody gets on the airplane after a flight uh the dodgers receive on the plane have a drink going dwelling everybody does i mean .

While you happen to don't then what are you doing then you're you're hanging around tony shavani ingesting ovaltine at nine o'clock model of hustler that no person knew you had considered if your wife's within the abet model of beaver hunt oh i loved chris he became a real i knew fitz within the 60s .

Uh tragic tragic legend with his household and your complete younger other folks and um i didn't know david i didn't i met kevin one time uh i didn't know the varied two boys i supreme knew carrie from wwf and that i knew jack fritz from the used days and he became continually a correct guy appropriate coronary heart breath became continually a correct guy to me too .

He became a continually intense about his interviews continually are searching to grab the assign it became going what he became had to narrate what he became going to enact and in actuality mindful of it became what he became doing and uh no downside how enact you in actuality feel about love what came about to him with him .

Love with vince and the have part after which love with wcw what's your effectively i don't know the full legend to me the owen part is a tragedy owen became a extraordinarily very very fine man as i became leaving white plains that afternoon before we did the part the assign i done up i became going across the freeway to a diner .

To receive a sandwich and owen walked up next to me and he acknowledged i heard here is your closing night i acknowledged yeah he acknowledged why i acknowledged effectively i supreme are searching to enact something else i'm tired he's going to be a tall loss to us and he shook my hand and that i believed what .

A correct guy he in actuality became a correct guy and now not somebody now not everybody came as a lot as me and did it that night i will be capable to consider owen hart doing i consider jack lanza with my supreme friend from perpetually did it and gorilla and that became supreme about it and renee goulet various than that .

That became about it what came about with what came about with bret hart and vince there's two recommendations to gain at it he didn't are searching to enact the job for michael's in canada effectively he's now not winning nothing or dropping nothing it's a belt any individual's giving you vince .

Owns the belt you enact what the man tells you now if it is probably you’ll possibly have it on your contract that claims i’ve complete control effectively then vince will have to have perchance given him that if he didn't desire him to have complete control then there's a double imperfect it's most likely came about at every hairdresser shop you've considered everybody .

Shop every space within the enviornment who knows i wouldn't have gotten angry i assign the guy over bought my money and gone dwelling we're in this for money precisely i do know guys i do know guys for years that if you informed me you bought here a thousand greenbacks per week .

To enact jobs or i'll come up with 500. to be the champion effectively they'll spend the championship because they have got the belt if they're dropping 500 per week nonetheless the blokes don't set apart occasionally talking of doing jobs um a couple other folks on prior student evaluation acknowledged that they heard that um .

With the andre hogan that [__] andre perchance on the closing minute became gonna abet out and now not enact jobs there and truth or that no no andre became he wouldn't have done that to vince mcmahon and he would have done it to the industry if andre became going to beat you he'd boom you .

He don't must he'd must trick you he may perchance possibly well beat you i ponder hogan became fervent that he became going to enact the job that andre became going to enact it or now not nonetheless i asked the boss i acknowledged what are we going to enact he acknowledged don't effort how did since andre never did a job who approached him to enact the job andre andre .

It became andre's belief andre's belief he went to he realized i imagine that this became his closing tall pay-per-stare he may perchance possibly well have ever gotten and with who hogan most as a lot as the moment guy within the industry largest guy within the industry and he asked vince .

If i may perchance possibly be his supervisor because he he relied on me and that became a praise so there became never nothing to enact boss supreme acknowledged don't effort about it and if he wished to beat hogan he became going to beat him if he didn't he he supreme he became a legit he he made his money that's what he wished to .

Construct is receive his money on the manner out and be on the largest one which he may perchance possibly be on talking of guys love that are love tall guys within the industry enact you imagine if goldberg became in wwf in space of wcw he may perchance possibly be greater than austin oh yeah because he's greater in austin he seems greater in austin .

Austin's uh now not a tall guy he swears so a lot nonetheless goldberg uh yeah i ponder it'd be various yeah i don't ponder the folks desire austin that became a heel no no they're love yeah i don't ponder they are heels anymore they love characters now they love to be .

Entertained luther's who won the belt in 1937. i became leaping from ball the ball love even changing into a bastard for the time being i god 37. uh lou became continually a correct guy to me we became continually a gentleman to me and um nonetheless his thoughts passed him by and inserting you over to the .

Earring or doing that don't work i don't even know what works anymore nonetheless uh no lose an ice man he's a gentleman how just a few bruno san martino bruno is k he says he's bitter about the industry reasonably just a few guys bought to contain to grab something if you're bitter about it why .

Don't you receive out of it i mean if you made nothing at it for 20 years then you're a fool appropriate if you made money and bishop shut up and withhold it i made money at it i had a supreme time i don't love the manner it ran as a end result of there became no hospitalization or pensions and that nonetheless i had a real .

Time i had reasonably just a few laughs with a bunch of real guys and that i broke my neck and that i i i i operated on i've had nerve damage in my hand nonetheless that may perchance possibly well have came about to working at a 7-eleven i'm married to italian lady her household may perchance possibly well have killed me it doesn't matter i made money doing .

What i are searching to enact and have fun now ronnie piper we we've talked to him so a lot and he talks about taking making a union and wrestling enact you ever look that occuring no no can't belief somebody and my assign of living standard of living no uh there became focus on that years ago nonetheless .

You couldn't belief somebody plus they'd blackball you the promoters didn't desire that if you had been making five thousand greenbacks per week someplace and didn't love working for watts appropriate i'll wander away freddie gray receive five thousand nonetheless they withhold you making 50 bucks per week you couldn't receive that switch .

Because you had to pack your household up and and your condominium and your tables and chairs and switch to 1 other territory and hope to receive over appropriate they saved you they saved you they saved you on that money it wasn't gorgeous it wasn't gorgeous nonetheless you had a different .

You have left did you ever um had been approached to work wwf before love with vince senior i called wander away out senior for years every six months i talked to him nonetheless he wouldn't use me because he had three guys there became the wizard appropriate albano and blasi and he didn't have ample .

To affirm in a fourth supervisor and that i talked to him before he died i went to japan and he acknowledged bobby something tall is occurring nonetheless i will be capable to't boom you what's occurring that's when the baby became taking on all the issues and he says supreme name me in case you receive abet from .

Japan and that i became in japan he died and that's what came about nonetheless no i may perchance possibly well have i may perchance possibly well have wished to head there because uh you totally had your tv every three weeks after which you had paid for at any time when your man became in you didn't must wander to him that's a real deal yeah it became a real .

Deal you talked about japan and your neck precisely what came about oh there's a guy named onita and that i became in a label match harley and that i in opposition to onita and haku and haku's slamming and neither came off the tip and dropped the leg love hogan does .

But he landed in my face and took my head that manner and that i became on the mat there became no space to head and that i broke two discs in my neck and so they had in the end i became 83 i didn't have the operation till 95 because i had no insurance so when i went to work for turner's when i had .

Insurance protection to have my neck operation and that i informed me to be two hours i became within the working room seven and a half of hours and so they took two bones out of my hip and assign it in my neck and lower off two discs fifth and sixth and it became in actuality getting execrable the assign my neck didn't damage as noteworthy as my arm did .

And i couldn't grip issues and that i'm 56 now uh i became getting to the age the assign it became it became in actuality bothering me and that's why i stop managing i supreme couldn't wander obtainable and when i bought hit i couldn't react and work because it may perchance probably possibly damage me to switch and other folks don't set apart it effectively you supreme suck it up yeah .

My sucker for reasonably just a few years and that i bought bored stiff in hurting i'm sorry talking of watts did you ever work for him no no no his territory labored every day seven days per week and so they drove and that i didn't wanna i i i wished to be half of the wwf now not the aaa thoughts on detroit within the true .

Sheik uh what are your thoughts on working with detroit tall time wrestling yeah he became my first supreme friend within the industry in 1961 in indianapolis i became carrying jackets and environment the ring up he'd give me his keys and that i'd wander sit in his automotive he had .

One of those double door lincolns love appropriate kennedy became killed and uh i may perchance possibly well wander out and sit in his automotive and he'd near out and give me five bucks and uh focus on over with me he didn't focus on over with somebody and would continually give me occasionally if i he became leisurely it became on .

Remaining he'd give me a lag to the bus stop so i may perchance possibly well pick the bus dwelling so i didn't must hitchhike dwelling no uh sheik became k with me regardless of came about to his promotion because it seemed uncover it irresistible became big after which it supreme effectively somebody totally had somebody has a 20-year trot gany had a 20-year trot uh .

All people does you supreme trot out of suggestions and lag ability and you will't enact the identical disqualifications within the fire and blood every night appropriate for 20 years it gets used and it adjustments did you look that became extra or much less innovative for that point or became wrestling continually extra or much less hardcore nonetheless .

No one ever in actuality knew about it love with the blood and the uh i i don't ponder they knew how we bought blood they thought it became ketchup or capsules nonetheless they never understood if you had a capsule the assign would you raise it appropriate we secured any trunks i bought kicked there k you had been on your interval .

i mean the toughest the toughest species in this world are girls take into sage it who else enact that bleeds for per week and lives that's factual that's tricky besides wf what became your authorized promotion that you just labored for um the awa a exiguous bit yeah .

Because you didn't work every day three four days per week and we're in all in minneapolis it became love a household there there became rashki and lanza and abet winkle and stevens and patterson and remus and all of us played golf collectively all of us went out collectively all of us had parties at christmas every various's homes and .

Thanksgiving it became in actuality fun enact it is probably you’ll possibly have any regrets enact i’ve any regrets about the industry yes or any of your choices that you just've made yeah i most likely wished i may perchance possibly well have labored out extra and bought a exiguous greater and will had been the enviornment's champion .

And made the identical money and been screwed extra so it didn't in actuality matter no it didn't in actuality matter i most likely wished um i desire i may perchance possibly well have caught up extra for myself and see how precious i became and how precious most likely the most boys had been a promotion didn't ponder we had been .

But we had been and we’re going to have to have had uh before a union i ponder we’re going to have to have residuals we’re going to have to have had price off the tv demonstrate appropriate and we don't haven’t got something we didn't know did you ever work with jim barnett yeah labored for him in uh 79 in georgia and that i labored for him and .

Uh when i went abet to wcw whoever ran the band can you enact an impersonation we've had love ten straight shooter opinions that everybody impersonates them there's one catchphrase my boy there it is no did you jim barnett had to plod my shirt off and fake i became a lumberjack .

It now when he became a baby the assign enact you imagine the pacifier went supreme take into sage it i don't know perchance i'm supreme guessing there's one guy that you just never bought to administer that it is probably you’ll possibly have loved to administer who would that guy be hogan logan definite the money .

That's the assign the money would had been that'd be easy to tear with he became no downside in actuality best guy within the enviornment if he became a heel and you had been with him may perchance possibly be fabulous yeah enact you calm focus on over with him nope no i don't are searching to chat to somebody he became down the freeway for me we're .

Going to are residing just a few mile from every various nonetheless uh i've considered so many guys bare when i'm dwelling i supreme are searching to be with my household there's nothing else to chat about anymore who you're gonna enact you're gonna plot shut a bitching about some various promotion or why issues .

Aren't going appropriate it's now not essential anymore thoughts on the rock top guys love triple h within the industry uh triple h uh i love the guy he in actuality in actuality dedicates himself love he cares about what he does he's a student yeah that's it i desire you .

Would lose the uh water and the dim trunks and dim boots because that's blah to me i desire we'd have a exiguous extra color appropriate if it is probably you’ll possibly love blonder hair with a exiguous extra flares i love that the rock i ponder is mountainous i love the manner he talks and .

Um all that nonetheless you didn't receive a uncover about at hogan and vince may perchance possibly well vince have done it with out hogan may perchance possibly well hogan had been there with out vince uh vince would have done it with out hogan i imagine because vince became that natty hogan most likely would have done it with out vince collectively it labored .

In closing is there something it is probably you’ll possibly be searching to narrate to your followers obtainable that you just you never had a gamble to narrate to them yeah reasonably just a few guys are going to be angry because uh i'm writing a e book and that i'm talking about work and heels and exiguous one faces and perchance boom the industry nonetheless um it's very straightforward the magic is over .

All people knows how we enact the tricks god bless the recollections and god bless the followers and god bless the usa thank you very very noteworthy for being here currently you
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