Bobby Lashley’s Faction Expresses Interest in Recruiting a Female Member

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Bobby Lashley and the Street Profits could soon add a female member to their ranks according to the All Mighty former WWE World Champion.

During the “After the Bell” podcast, Lashley spoke about adding a female member after B-Fab recently shared an interest in talking business with him. He said,


“She’s a very intelligent woman. She’s a very interesting woman, that’s what I have to say about that. Since I’ve come together with The Street Profits, a lot of people have hit me up on social media or they’ve just walked up to me at the show and trying to say, ‘Hey man, I’d love to join your group or see what you guys have.’

“Of course, we’re open to hearing any suggestions. We did toy around with having a female join the group, and I’ve heard some different suggestions on that also. B-Fab did come with something that was very interesting. I’m not quite sure we’re gonna work with her, but right now, what she did present to me last week was very interesting and I want to see if that can manifest into anything.”

Lashley aligned with the Street Profits earlier this year. B-Fab was rehired by WWE last year alongside members of Hit Row but Top Dolla has since been released again.

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Bobby Lashley, the former WWE World Champion, has hinted at the possibility of adding a female member to his group, the Street Profits. In a recent episode of the “After the Bell” podcast, Lashley discussed the potential addition after B-Fab expressed interest in collaborating with him.

Lashley praised B-Fab, describing her as an intelligent and interesting woman. Since teaming up with the Street Profits, Lashley has received numerous requests from people who want to join their group. He stated that they are open to suggestions and have considered having a female member in the group. B-Fab presented an intriguing idea to Lashley, and he is eager to see if it can develop into something substantial.

Earlier this year, Lashley aligned himself with the Street Profits, forming a formidable alliance. B-Fab was rehired by WWE last year as part of the Hit Row faction, but one of its members, Top Dolla, has since been released.

The possibility of adding a female member to the Street Profits adds an exciting dynamic to the group. It could bring a fresh perspective and new energy to their performances. Fans are eagerly awaiting further developments and are curious to see how this potential addition will impact the group’s dynamics and storylines.

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In conclusion, Bobby Lashley’s revelation about the potential addition of a female member to the Street Profits has sparked excitement among wrestling fans. The prospect of a new member joining the group brings anticipation and curiosity about how this addition will enhance their performances and storylines.