Bobby Lashley Shares Frustration Over Exclusion from WWE WrestleMania 39 Card

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The WWE SmackDown before WrestleMania 39 saw Bobby Lashley win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Although he couldn’t compete against Bray Wyatt as originally planned at Mania, Lashley still made an appearance at WrestleMania to showcase his trophy.

Speaking on After The Bell, Lashley admitted he was upset with not having a match at WrestleMania.


“Man, because you know, our businesses is very troubling at times. And it’s very stressful mentally, because you want to know where you’re at. And, if you’re talking about just the last kind of break I took, I think a lot of things [hit me]. The situation revolving WrestleMania kind of really, really hit me pretty hard.

You know, I put in a lot of work throughout the year, put myself at a certain level in the company. And I’ve kept that level up, I work my ass off, I train hard all the time. Everybody knows that’s just me. And then when that big show came around, I just didn’t have a spot at WrestleMania. And you know, I try to hold it in. And when you have your kids calling when you’re supposed to be there and I’m there in all Los Angeles ready to go. You know, the whole time is thinking, just call me in coach call me, I’m that guy, like, call me and call me and I’m ready.

And then my kids you know, after the first day calling, Hey dad are you’re going to be on because if you’re gonna be on we’ll fly up there, we want to see you and everything like that, because they’ve been to everything that I was in. And that was kind of a little bit of a mind trip, you know, to kind of take a backseat at a time like that.”

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Bobby Lashley’s Disappointment at WrestleMania 39

The WWE SmackDown before WrestleMania 39 was an eventful one, with Bobby Lashley emerging as the winner of the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. However, despite his victory, Lashley couldn’t compete against Bray Wyatt as originally planned at WrestleMania. Instead, he made an appearance at the event to showcase his trophy. In a recent interview on the podcast “After The Bell,” Lashley expressed his disappointment at not having a match at WrestleMania.

Lashley revealed that he was upset with the situation surrounding WrestleMania. He explained that the wrestling business can be troubling and mentally stressful, as wrestlers constantly strive to know where they stand. The absence of a match at WrestleMania hit him hard because he had put in a lot of work throughout the year to establish himself at a certain level in the company. Lashley is known for his hard work and dedication, and he had trained tirelessly to maintain his position.

Being left out of the biggest show of the year was a blow to Lashley’s morale. He tried to keep his emotions in check, but it was challenging when his kids called him, expecting to see him perform at WrestleMania. Lashley was in Los Angeles, ready to go, and he kept hoping for a call from the coaches to inform him that he was needed. However, that call never came, and it was difficult for him to accept taking a backseat during such an important event.

The disappointment was amplified by the fact that his children were eagerly anticipating his appearance. They had attended all of his previous matches and wanted to be there to support him. Lashley’s kids called him after the first day of WrestleMania, asking if he would be on the show so they could fly up to see him. This added another layer of emotional turmoil for Lashley, as he had to explain to his kids why he wasn’t given a spot at WrestleMania.

Despite the setback, Lashley remains determined and focused on his career. He continues to work hard and train rigorously, always striving to prove himself and reach new heights. As a professional wrestler, disappointments are part of the journey, but Lashley’s resilience and dedication will undoubtedly propel him forward.

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In conclusion, Bobby Lashley’s disappointment at not having a match at WrestleMania 39 highlights the challenges and uncertainties that come with being a professional wrestler. Despite the setback, Lashley remains committed to his craft and is determined to prove himself in the industry. Fans can continue to support him by staying informed through and its social media platforms.