Bobby Lashley Says The Hurt Business Brings An Old-School Toughness To WWE

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Bobby Lashley Says The Hurt Business Brings An Old-School Toughness To WWE

Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images

As conversations of generational differences in the WWE locker room continue to be a major talking point of interviews with the WWE roster, Bobby Lashley, a superstar who Bridges the gap between decades, weighs in on the conversation.

Speaking with Sports Illustrated, the current WWE United States Champion appears to agree with men like the Undertaker and Bill Goldberg who say that the roster has gotten soft, comparing his experience in the locker room when he first started to his experience today.

“Ten, fifteen years ago when I was on the roster and we were on the road if you ran into trouble, you knew that the people with you would scrap and fight for you,” Lashley says. “This roster, you don’t know. We hardly even travel anymore. Back in the day, we used to always get tested on the road. It was so different back then. If you didn’t toughen up, you were out. I don’t think this roster would allow that to happen. It’s a different time now.”

Now, Lashley says that The Hurt Business, a faction that is made up largely of superstars from the Ruthless Aggression era, is looking to interject some of the old-school mentality in today’s WWE.

“That’s why what we’re doing with the Hurt Business is so unique. We wanted to be different, and we were determined to capture that ground-and-pound, old-school fight style. There is no one else like us.”

Bobby Lashley will defend his WWE United States championship against both Riddle and Keith Lee this Sunday at WWE Elimination Chamber. WrestleZone will have live coverage.

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