Bobby Lashley Says He’s Never Asked For A Raise In WWE

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Bobby Lashley has had two stints in WWE. Lashley got started in WWE in 2005 before he departed. He later returned in 2018. 

Since then, he has been one of the most decorated superstars with multiple WWE Title reigns.


Speaking on the Millionaire Goals podcast, Lashley discussed his hard work. 

“I was very fortunate that when I came in, I didn’t think about the money, I thought about the work. I was always that way. I love this quote, ‘the harder I work, the luckier I get.’ Some of these guys in the business, they’re knocking on Vince’s door, ‘I want more money, give me more money.’ He like, ‘Show me.’ When I got my raises in WWE, I didn’t go to the door, they came to me. My last raise, Vince [Vince McMahon] brought me in, he said, ‘I’m going to pay you this.’ When I first got into developmental, I was getting paid ‘get by’ money. All I needed was the opportunity, that’s all I need. Just give me the opportunity, I’ll make my money after. I started busting my butt, and when I was on TV, I went from making little money…I think my second year in the business I broke the seven-figure mark. Some people don’t do that their entire career. I was fortunate enough to be in some good angles, and I work my ass off, and I had something the crowd liked and I had something management liked. I’m not the person to kiss ass, I’m not the person to schmooze, I’m me. I’m me to the waiter, I’m me to the CEO. I’m the same person. You can’t fake that. You watch our business, you say, ‘he’s playing a character, he’s trying to be something, he’s a politician, that guy is real.’ That’s me. The crowd understands that and that’s why people get behind me,” said Lashley.

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