Bobby Lashley Relies on Trusted Advisors to Monitor His Performance Levels

Bobby Lashley Relies on Trusted Advisors to Monitor His Performance Levels
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Speaking on a recent episode of WWE’s “After The Bell” podcast, Bobby Lashley discussed his future in wrestling. 

Lashley noted he has a group of partners who will provide honest feedback to him if he begins to decline physically inn the ring. 


“No, you know, I tell my sparring partners, I tell my training partners, I tell anybody that works out with me that when you see that I’m kind of missing a step or slowing down, just tell me. You see a lot of those guys that are fighting in the UFC and they take one fight too many and they almost look sad — or you see those guys getting in the ring and they just can’t move the same. I don’t want to be that guy. It’s like when Superman gets they kryptonite, you see him kind of falling apart and becoming weak, I don’t need that. I put myself financially in a very, very good position, where it’s not for the money. It’s for my enjoyment, I truly love going out there in front of the crowd and being in front of fans and stuff like that. I really like some of the guys I work with, they’re some of my closest friends and we only talk and hang out at TV, but still, it’s a friendship and a bond that I value.”

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Bobby Lashley Discusses His Future in Wrestling

In a recent episode of WWE’s “After The Bell” podcast, Bobby Lashley opened up about his future in wrestling and how he plans to navigate the physical demands of the sport.

Lashley emphasized the importance of honest feedback from his training partners and sparring partners. He stated that he encourages them to let him know if they notice any decline in his performance or if he starts to slow down in the ring. This feedback is crucial for Lashley to maintain his peak physical condition and ensure that he doesn’t overstay his welcome in the wrestling industry.

The wrestler drew a parallel to fighters in the UFC who sometimes take one fight too many and end up looking sad or unable to perform at their best. Lashley expressed his desire not to be that guy and acknowledged the potential consequences of pushing himself beyond his limits. He compared it to Superman encountering kryptonite, where the superhero weakens and falls apart. Lashley wants to avoid that scenario and ensure that he remains strong and capable in the ring.

It’s worth noting that Lashley’s motivation for continuing in wrestling goes beyond financial gain. He has put himself in a comfortable financial position and no longer relies on wrestling for monetary reasons. Instead, he genuinely enjoys performing in front of crowds and being in the company of his fellow wrestlers. Lashley values the friendships and bonds he has formed with his colleagues, even if they only interact during TV tapings. This camaraderie adds to his overall enjoyment of the sport.

As fans, we can appreciate Lashley’s dedication to maintaining his physical prowess and his commitment to delivering top-notch performances. It’s refreshing to see a wrestler prioritize their well-being and longevity in the industry rather than chasing after every opportunity for financial gain.

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In conclusion, Bobby Lashley’s recent comments shed light on his approach to his future in wrestling. By surrounding himself with honest partners and prioritizing his physical well-being, Lashley aims to avoid the pitfalls that can come with an extended career in the sport. His passion for wrestling and the relationships he has formed with his colleagues further motivate him to continue delivering memorable performances.