Bobby Lashley Loses To Xavier Woods, Says ‘The Bulls***’ Needs To Stop

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Bobby Lashley Loses To Xavier Woods, Says ‘The Bulls***’ Needs To Stop

Xavier Woods in WWE

Photo Credit: WWE

Bobby Lashley and Xavier Woods opened tonight’s episode of WWE Monday Night RAW, and in one of the biggest upsets we’ve seen in recent memory, Woods emerged victorious in his match with the WWE Champion.

For the final time inside the #WWEThunderDome

— WWE on FOX (@WWEonFOX) July 13, 2021

The match was a hard-fought contest from start to finish, as Woods hoped to gain the upper hand by keeping Lashley off his rhythm. However, Lashley quickly began to dominate; he picked Woods up and easily dropped him over the ropes and down onto the floor. Lashley then began to toy with Woods by using his strength advantage to maintain control.


— WWE on BT Sport (@btsportwwe) July 13, 2021

Woods rallied and locked in a crossface on Lashley, but the WWE Champion quickly broke free and hit a huge spinebuster in return. As the two stars continued to go back and forth, Woods used a brief moment of hesitation from Lashley to quickly roll him up for the shocking victory. Needless to say, Lashley was stunned by this outcome ahead of his title match at WWE Money in the Bank.

Following his loss to Woods, Lashley and the rest of The Hurt Business met in the ring to close out the show with a special VIP Lounge segment. In the ring, MVP said that tonight’s edition of VIP Lounge was bittersweet because it was the final one in the ThunderDome, a place that saw the “All Mighty” Lashley rise to the top.

😳😳😳#WWERaw @fightbobby @The305MVP

— WWE (@WWE) July 13, 2021

After finally coming down to the ring, Lashley was clearly in no mood to celebrate. He waved off the girls and said that the more he thought about it, the more he thinks that Kofi Kingston is right in his statement that MVP has made him lose his edge and grow soft. Lashley talks about his loss to Woods and said that he’s furious over the fact that he knows he should have easily handled Woods in the match.

MVP continued to try and cheer up Lashley with a glass of champagne and the girls, but Lashley was having none of it. The WWE Champion said that he appreciates everything MVP has done for him in his career, but that “the bulls—“ has to stop now, and they need to get back to business. The only form of enjoyment Lashley said he wants to have now is destroying every single soul who shows up to try and take his title.

The All Might @WWE Champion @FightBobby is looking to end @TrueKofi. #WWERaw

— WWE on FOX (@WWEonFOX) July 13, 2021

Lashley then took to destroying the entire VIP Lounge set, throwing couches and smashing the champagne bottles before getting back on the mic. In a rage, Lashley spoke directly to Kofi Kingston, telling him that he’s going to do what he should have done weeks ago and tear him in half. He said he hopes that Kingston brings his family and friends, and even the whole WWE Universe to cheer for him, because he’s going to “dismantle” him at Money in the Bank.


I’m kicking @TrueKofi’s ass this Sunday at #MITB and getting back to being the dominant champ I am. THE END!! @The305MVP #WWERaw

— Bobby Lashley (@fightbobby) July 13, 2021

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