Bobby Lashley Defeats Xavier Woods In Hell In A Cell, Assaults Him Afterwards

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Bobby Lashley Defeats Xavier Woods In Hell In A Cell, Assaults Him Afterwards

Image Credit: WWE

Tonight’s episode of Monday Night RAW opened in a big way, as Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods got into a shouting match with Bobby Lashley and MVP that led to a Hell in a Cell match being scheduled for later that night.

What was supposed to be another celebration in honor of WWE Champion Bobby Lashley was instead interrupted by the New Day, who came down to the ring with a cart of toasted bread to join in on MVP’s “toast” of Lashley. Instead, MVP and Lashley attempted to get them to leave, mocking them for their cosplaying and video game-playing selves while Lashley and MVP enjoyed more of the finer things in life.

THIS IS REAL LIFE. CALL YOUR FRIENDS. CALL YOUR FAM.@AustinCreedWins vs. @fightbobby inside #HIAC TONIGHT on #WWERaw!

— WWE (@WWE) June 22, 2021

Kingston said that the duo wasn’t going anywhere and that he had a question for “Bob,” before asking if any of his lady friends or MVP will be there for him when Kingston beats him for the title. Lashley laughed off the question, saying he didn’t have anything to worry about because he would never lose the title to Kingston, before reminding both he and Woods that there’s a hierarchy in the world, and he’s simply better than them.

As the two continued to jaw back and forth, Kingston challenged Lashley to a rematch for the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank, to which Lashley accepted. However, Lashley also said he wants to make sure the match is a strict one-on-one bout, and then turned his attention to Woods, challenging him to a match later tonight. Xavier Woods took to the microphone and accepted, but stated that it would be a Hell in a Cell match, setting the stage for RAW’s first Hell in a Cell match in a few decades.

Tonight’s episode of Monday Night RAW ended with a chaotic Hell in a Cell match between Bobby Lashley and Xavier Woods. In a bout between two unlikely opponents, Xavier Woods held his own, but was unable to overcome the dominant force that is Lashley.

This is a VICIOUS @AustinCreedWins as he tries to knock off #WWEChampion @fightbobby inside #HIAC! #WWERaw

— WWE (@WWE) June 22, 2021

When the match started, Lashley looked primed to easily come away with the win, but Woods held his own, knocking Lashley out of the ring and against the cage multiple times. As weapons began to get involved, Woods even began incorporating chairs, kendo sticks, and finally a table to try and take down Lashley, culminating in a huge splash off the top rope that sent Lashley through a table.

Go @AustinCreedWins go!!!#WWERaw

— WWE (@WWE) June 22, 2021

Unfortunately, Lashley just wouldn’t give up no matter what, and as the match winded down, he hit Woods with a nasty spear after throw him into a chair wedged in between the turnbuckles. After the spear, Lashley then locked in the Hurt Lock onto Woods, forcing him to tap out almost immediately. After the match, Lashley continued his assault on Woods, with MVP sliding into the cage and locking the door behind him. With Kofi Kingston helpless, he simply watched as Lashley continued to torment Woods to send a message to Kingston.

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