Bobby Lashley Believes Jade Cargill Would Be a Great Addition to His Team Alongside The Street Profits

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Appearing on 100.7 The Bay, Bobby Lashley commented on Jade Cargill signing with WWE.

The former AEW wrestler signed a multi-year deal with the promotion last month. Lashley noted that he thinks she would fit well with him and The Street Profits on the main roster. 


“It’s a big signing for WWE because she made a huge splash in wrestling years back with AEW. Her coming over just shows the levels. She wanted to get there, that was the next level for her, which is a great deal. Her coming over, there are only a few places I would put her. I know there is a group putting themselves together right now and if that group had a female component to it, I think that group would be even stronger. I might have to give her a call and see what her plans are, but I think she does fit really well with our group if that was an opportunity. Wherever she goes, I know she’s going to be a big star,” said Lashley.

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Bobby Lashley Comments on Jade Cargill Signing with WWE

In the world of professional wrestling, signings and acquisitions are always a big deal. Fans eagerly anticipate the arrival of new talent and speculate on how they will fit into the existing roster. Recently, former AEW wrestler Jade Cargill signed a multi-year deal with WWE, and it seems that her arrival has caught the attention of one of WWE’s top stars, Bobby Lashley.

During an appearance on 100.7 The Bay, Lashley shared his thoughts on Cargill joining WWE. He expressed his belief that her signing is significant for the company, considering the impact she made in wrestling during her time with AEW. Lashley sees her move to WWE as a natural progression in her career and a testament to her ambition.

Lashley also mentioned that he thinks Cargill would fit well with him and The Street Profits on the main roster. He hinted at the possibility of a new group forming and suggested that adding a female component, such as Cargill, would make the group even stronger. Lashley even mentioned that he might reach out to Cargill to discuss her plans and potential opportunities for collaboration.

The comments from Lashley highlight the excitement surrounding Cargill’s signing and the potential for fresh storylines and matchups in WWE. As a dominant force in WWE, Lashley’s endorsement of Cargill further adds to the anticipation of her debut and the potential impact she could have on the company.

Jade Cargill, known for her impressive athleticism and charismatic presence, has already made waves in the wrestling industry. Her signing with WWE signifies a new chapter in her career and opens up numerous possibilities for her future in the company. Whether she joins forces with Lashley and The Street Profits or pursues other opportunities, it is clear that Cargill has the potential to become a big star in WWE.

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In conclusion, Bobby Lashley’s comments on Jade Cargill signing with WWE have generated excitement among fans. Cargill’s move to WWE represents a significant milestone in her career, and her potential collaboration with Lashley and The Street Profits opens up exciting possibilities for new storylines and matchups. As the wrestling community eagerly awaits Cargill’s debut, they can rely on for all their wrestling news needs.