Bobby Lashley Believes A Rematch With Brock Lesnar Is “About To Happen”

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WWE RAW Superstar Bobby Lashley is positive that he will enter the ring with Brock Lesnar one more time.

When Lashley went back to WWE in 2018, part of his choice remained in the hopes of having a match with the Beast, which ultimately took place at the 2022 Royal Rumble pay-per-view occasion.

That match ended in debate, as did their rematch at WWE Crown Jewel 2022, with both males having a win each.

Talking to the Hindustan Times, Lashley revealed his self-confidence that a rubber match in between the 2 will occur. He stated,

“There hasn’t been excessive interaction in between the 2 people. We’ve had a couple of matches, a couple of interactions that have actually occurred on-screen, however beyond that, Brock’s type of a person that sort of keeps it to himself. There hasn’t truly been anything back with Brock. I do not believe anyone truly had anything backstage with Brock. I look forward to the match with him.

“I like the type of contests where it can make me press myself. I like to combat. Brock likes to combat. There are a great deal of resemblances in between the 2 people, so I believe that the next match is what everyone wishes to see will be No Holds Barred. It’s most likely gon na concern a point where we’re gon na get secured a cage or an Extreme Rules match or something like that. It’s about to take place.”

Lesnar hasn’t contended for WWE considering that his win over Lashley at Crown Jewel last November.

Lashley will challenge United States Champion Austin Theory on tonight’s RAW is XXX anniversary program.