Bobby Lashley Beats Goldberg Via Ref Stoppage, Puts His Son In The Hurt Lock

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Bobby Lashley Beats Goldberg Via Ref Stoppage, Puts His Son In The Hurt Lock

Image Credit: WWE

Tonight’s WWE Championship match between Bobby Lashley and Goldberg ended in stunning circumstances, as the match was called early before chaos broke out.

You can't escape the SPEAR.#SummerSlam @Goldberg

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) August 22, 2021

Inside the ring, Lashley took some major hits from Goldberg early, with the legendary superstar hitting a body slam and a flying shoulder tackle onto Lashley to get the crowd going. After some more back and forth, Goldberg looked ready to hit a spear on Lashley, but was hit in the back of the knee with a cane by MVP that seemed to hurt the superstar, although he was able to still land a spear on Lashley outside of the ring.

After taking the hit to the knee, Goldberg seemed unable to get much going, and Lashley took advantage. Outside of the ring, Lashley lifted up Goldberg and rammed his legs into the ringpost repeatedly. He then threw Goldberg back into the ring and prepared to set up a spear, but Goldberg simply couldn’t stand up. After trying multiple times to get up and failing, referee Chad Patton called the match, ending it and giving Lashley a successful title defense.

GAGE IS IN THE HURT LOCK!@fightbobby has gone too far. #SummerSlam

— WWE (@WWE) August 22, 2021

Lashley wasn’t happy with the decision, though, and promptly grabbed a chair and began to attack Goldberg’s seemingly injured leg. He continued to attack it when suddenly, Gage Goldberg — Goldberg’s son — jumped into the ring and onto Lashley’s back. Lashley quickly threw the younger Goldberg off of him and immediately locked him in the Hurt Locker, knocking him out before realizing what had happened. MVP then got on the microphone and said that there’s no way that Lashley could have known that it was Goldberg’s son attacking him, and the pair left the ring while Goldberg tended to his son and screamed that he would “kill” Lashley for what he’d done.

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