Bobby Lashley Addresses Recent Tensions, Says Hurt Business Isn’t Breaking Up

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Bobby Lashley Addresses Recent Tensions, Says Hurt Business Isn’t Breaking Up

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Speaking during a recent appearance on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio, Bobby Lashley spoke about recent tensions amongst the Hurt Business, and why despite any issues, the group is still sticking together.

During the interview, it was mentioned that the perfect opponent for someone like Bobby Lashley would be Shelton Benjamin, who is also in the Hurt Business. Lashley acknowledged as much, but said that nothing could break up the group. “Yeah, but there’s not gonna be any breaking up of the Hurt Business,” he said. “I love working with Shelton, cause Shelton does have that similar style, you know we both got that wrestling background. And Shelton’s smooth man, that’s one reason why we wanted him in, he’s smooth. We have myself, Shelton, and Cedric, but all of us have a tremendous amount of potential to do stuff big in the company, we just need that opportunity. So collectively, we’re kind of like forcing that opportunity.”

Even though things may look like they’re cracking, the Hurt Business seems solid enough to keep going, and with Lashley’s latest comments, it looks like things won’t be ending anytime soon.

Despite the tension displayed on #WWERaw, last week Bobby Lashley @fightbobby seemed pretty confident that the #HurtBusiness will remain in tact…

do you believe the @WWE U.S. Champ? 🤔

Listen here ⬇️@davidlagreca1 @bullyray5150 @The305MVP @Sheltyb803 @CedricAlexander

— SiriusXM Busted Open (@BustedOpenRadio) February 4, 2021

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