Bobby Lashley Accepts Goldberg’s Challenge For WWE SummerSlam

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Bobby Lashley Accepts Goldberg’s Challenge For WWE SummerSlam

Lashley Goldberg WWE SummerSlam

Image Credit: WWE

After Goldberg showed up on WWE RAW two weeks ago to challenge Bobby Lashley for his WWE Championship, “Da Man” made his presence known on this week’s episode. This time around, he had a more of a direct message for the champion.

#WWEChampion @fightbobby & @The305MVP just went a little too far …

And MVP got a @Goldberg SPEAR for it! #WWERaw

— WWE (@WWE) August 3, 2021

On Monday, Goldberg interrupted Lashley and MVP, who opened the show by dismissing the WWE Hall of Famer”s challenge. MVP noted that while Goldberg was icon and an all-time great, he didn’t just challenge any normal man, so he would like to spare Goldberg the tragedy of being taken down by Lashley.

In response, “Da Man” said that if anyone should be worried about what will happen if the two men face off, it’ll be Lashley. The legend went on to say that it doesn’t matter what his age is because he lives by the spear and Lashley will die by it at WWE SummerSlam. Goldberg left the ring and MVP promptly pointed out a fan in the stands, who turned out to be Goldberg’s son, Gage. MVP then began to taunt the young man, telling him that Lashley is going to end his father’s career before Goldberg came out of nowhere and hit MVP with a nasty Spear.

"I hope @Goldberg brings his son to #SummerSlam so his son can watch me annihilate him!"#WWEChampion @fightbobby ACCEPTS!#WWERaw

— WWE (@WWE) August 3, 2021

After the chaos at the start of the night, Lashley finally had an answer ready for Goldberg later in the night. Backstage, Lashley told the WWE Universe that he would be facing off against Goldberg at SummerSlam for the WWE Championship, and that he hopes Goldberg’s son is there, too, so he can watch Lashley “annihilate” his father.

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