Bobby Fish Says The Approval Of Shawn Michaels And Triple H Validates His Hard Work

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Bobby Fish Says The Approval Of Shawn Michaels And Triple H Validates His Hard Work

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Bobby Fish worked hard to rise through the ranks of independent wrestling for many years. Now, he is in WWE NXT and he is paired with Undisputed ERA, a brotherhood of wrestlers of the same ilk.

Speaking with Sports Illustrated, Bobby Fish noted being undersized for the majority of his life and how that carried over into wrestling because wrestling is a microcosm of life.

“Throughout my football career, all I heard was guys say, ‘You’re too small,’” Fish says. “It’s the story of my life. I was the youngest of three siblings, so I was always chasing, and I’m not the tallest guy in the world. In football, that helped me realize the only way to truly be successful was to turn my body into a projectile and throw every bit of what I did have at you. Wrestling has been the same thing, and it’s a microcosm for life. There will always be an obstacle or someone that brings up why you can’t, but there is no unwritten rule that says you have to listen to that. Don’t accept what you don’t want to accept.”

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Continuing on, Fish discussed how special it is for him to have the approval of Shawn Michaels and Triple H, the two men running NXT.

“There has always been doubt about my career,” Fish says. “I’ve got a good buddy, George Carroll, who’s like a brother to me. When I was still doing indies and Ring of Honor, we put our heads together and launched these little gimmicks inside of angles to make people notice that there was more to me than what they were willing to see on the surface. I’d like to think we were successful with that, and now to have Triple H and Shawn Michaels co-sign on the success of my career, and to be invested in my direction, it’s surreal.”

Fish and the other Undisputed ERA boys were all left laid out on last night’s episode of NXT courtesy of attacks that were later revealed to be perpetrated by Pat McAfee.