Blue Meanie on Prince Albert & Bruiser Bedlam

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Blue Meanie on Prince Albert & Bruiser Bedlam
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My AEW Wrestler says this plugin is awesome! prince albert awesome awesome awesome guy uh met him when uh went to wwe um and then when wwe would let us .

Develop uh indies i did a boston loop and he's from up in boston apartment and he's indulge in hey man true advance stop in my apartment and indulge in it develop into indulge in the ideally superior weekend ever .

He had indulge in a assign of abode true on the seaside up there in massachusetts we went and did a pair displays frolicked with him cooked a immense meal frolicked had some wine this trusty sit again dude trusty cool dude uh stud athlete uh he develop into certainly cool with me doing a .

Parody of him indulge in i develop into prince albert uh stevie develop into wrestling prince albert and then i got here out as prince albert and then uh stevie threw prince albert out of the ring i keep the boots to him and that i rolled within the ring and for stevie to pin me so the referee would deem i develop into prince albert and then he is on the market in and true destroys .

Us both and later earlier how i talked about i had i idea i had the finest match in my occupation with the hardy's and gold mud and terry taylor tore it apart me and stevie gain support to the locker room for that he's indulge in that's the ideally superior thing i've ever viewed .

He's indulge in grown males we're support here horse laughing at what you guys had been doing i develop into corresponding to it's true that that develop into indulge in a certainly cool one of my coolest moments develop into with prince albert in wwe are attempting to mimic prince albert attach you wish to wear indulge in a mohair sweater indulge in a brown mohair sweater .

Dude it develop into colossal they successfully it develop into it develop into colossal doing it it develop into corrupt taking it off because that they had to they had been gluing that they had indulge in an afro wig and they're cutting it and they're gluing the hair to me and that i i prince albert had extra gary let me are attempting it on i true be conscious ron simmons and bradshaw .

Walking in every single place in the corner and they witness at me they're true indulge in what's occurring here and then um yeah then the minute secret to that is uh one of 1 of essentially the most over guys in within the wrestling locker rooms develop into uh johnny dogs bruiser bedlam yeah .

A bunch of us knew i knew bruiser al new bruiser and indulge in valvinas who's canadian had heard experiences of bruiser so we continually attach our imitation of bruiser brown indulge in hey buddy hey bro how distinguished you left you a six play man you're a six play man keep your hand up .

If we're in penal complex i promote you for a pack of cigarettes and you yeah successfully bruiser had the mustache hey man hey buddy hey bro attach your uh bruiser bedlam imitation so when i'm coming out as albert for prince albert i'm doing johnny dogs bruiser bedlam your total skill around hey buddy hey bro how .

Powerful you left yo 5 indulge in that man and that i'm attempting to pop albert who's within the ring and he's corresponding to end dude within the occasion you taking your bear up and out merely to the crew for your for your belly that can perchance perchance perchance had been that can perchance perchance perchance had been the absolute strawberry on the sunday that one .

Nevertheless the silly thing about that tattoo is uh him and his guys in penal complex we're indulge in oh yeah we'll gain out we'll gain the tattoo to the crew and gain out he purchased out and he didn't gain the tattoo his buddy known as him again hey man i gain out next week so he ran to the tattoo shop to gain the tattoo positioned on this oh .

let me paddle gain that tattoo these had been guys johnny dogs bruiser bedlam develop into nervous off so i will simplest imagine what they did um successfully if bruiser bedlam burnt down a police assign of abode i've purchased to deem the remainder of them indulge in african warlords who killed hundreds .

Something indulge in that sorry no i purchased to battle johnny dogs within the match for scott damore in windsor ontario and uh i made the mistake of going hey i'd are attempting to attach the plot and oh yeah all true buddy how are you bro you exit within the ring he true destroys .

Me and corresponding to those cafeteria chairs there's indulge in any one allotment of plasti hit me one of those true shattered the support of my head so he calms down he goes to the support i deem how corrupt he develop into so i stroll within the support he meets me hey buddy hey sorry hey bro hey hey buddy .

Hello bro sorry about that so i witness him at some extent to perchance a month later no topic a pair weeks later he sees me at the point to he goes hey buddy advance with me and he made the promoter keep me on the point to because he felt corrupt for what he did to me he purchased me a reserving out of it .

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Blue Meanie on Prince Albert & Bruiser Bedlam

Blue Meanie on Prince Albert & Bruiser Bedlam