Billy Corgan: Tony Khan Proved That There’s A Market For Another Vision Of Wrestling

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Billy Corgan: Tony Khan Proved That There’s A Market For Another Vision Of Wrestling

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National Wrestling Alliance Owner Billy Corgan is excited about the promotion returning after a momentum-stalling 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Corgan credits Tony Khan for showing that there’s an audience for other pro wrestling out there and explained his motivations for running the company.

“For me it was more personal [when I had doubts about the NWA],” admitted Corgan on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio. It was never a financial issue. It was more like, ‘Do I want to slog through this?’ As I like to point out, almost every other big company is owned by a family or an entity with very deep pockets that can sit there and say, ‘We can lose money for 3-4 years and still be OK.’ That’s not my situation. We were just about to turn the corner and start running live shows … It was like everything was ready to go, then boom, hit the pause button.”

Corgan says that the pandemic has taught him a lot and made him re-affirm why he’s doing this project.

“You find out who is loyal to your vision. Who is just happy to take a check. You go through a lot of times where you’re like, ‘I’m not sure this is really worth it. I love the NWA. I love the NWA’s fans, but I’d be lying to say that every day was easy or that I felt motivated because it really is a passion thing for me.

“Make no mistake, I want this to be a successful business. I want the NWA to come back in a very big way and I think Tony Khan has proven that there’s a market for another vision of wrestling. Thankfully, Tony has included us in that vision. I’ve been very proud to work with him. Serena Deeb is currently the NWA Women’s Champion and she’s an AEW talent, and he’s been having Thunder Rosa, who is an NWA talent, on his program. We’re thankful in that.

“The market is there. Everyone is cutting the cord … The digital world is coming. The money is coming for those that can rise up through it. But that has never been my motivation, my motivation has been my passion and if I can fulfill the vision for that. Where it gets kind of too silly or people think they’re gonna work you into a corner … They forget that I’ve had 30-plus years in the entertainment business. I’ve seen weirder people than you. We’re on the other side of that. Totally happy to be in business with FITE.”

"Tony Khan has proven that there's a market for another vision of wrestling."@Billy discusses the @nwa's relationship with @AEW & why he's feeling good heading into #BackForTheAttack this Sunday 👊@TonyKhan @davidlagreca1 @TheMarkHenry

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