Billy Corgan Says There Is “No Chance In Hell” WWE Is Sold To Tony Khan

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WWE will not be the latest promotion to come under the control of Tony Khan, at least according to the NWA’s Billy Corgan.

With Vince McMahon looking to sell his promotion, several names have been listed as potential buyers, including the AEW President and his father Shahid.

Tony Khan has confirmed his interest in possibly purchasing WWE and has said he is keeping a close eye on the ongoing reports of a sale.

Speaking to Wrestling News, Billy Corgan said there is “no chance in hell” that McMahon would sell to WWE’s chief competitor, adding:

“Stranger things have happened, color me wrong. It’s the world of professional wrestling and we are talking about billions of dollars here, and not a lot of people on the planet have billions of dollars to spend plus want to be in professional wrestling. Anything is possible of course, but that’s the one where I sort of raised an eyebrow and thought, ‘No, that’s not happening.’”

Other names listed as potential buyers include Comcast, FOX, Disney, Netflix, Amazon, and the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund.

It had been reported that the Saudi PIF had reached a deal to buy WWE, but those reports were later debunked.

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