Billy Corgan On Ric Flair’s Future With NWA: ‘That’s One Of Those Situations Where You Just See Where It Goes’

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Billy Corgan On Ric Flair’s Future With NWA: ‘That’s One Of Those Situations Where You Just See Where It Goes’

Ric Flair

Photo Credit: WWE

At NWA 73, Ric Flair is coming home, as he’ll make an appearance for the promotion whose world title remains closely associated with “The Nature Boy.” While it’s easy to assume Sunday’s show will be a one-off, NWA President Billy Corgan recently made it clear he’d be open to working with Flair again.

During an interview with Alistair McGeorge of, Corgan noted that Flair’s future with the NWA is up in the air, though he’d “love” to welcome the WWE Hall of Famer back after the pay-per-view on Sunday.

“I think that’s one of those situations where you just see where it goes,” said Corgan. “Ric Flair, I don’t know if there’s a bigger legend in wrestling, right? You could say Vince McMahon but Vince McMahon, although he has wrestled, he’s an owner and a personality first and a professional wrestler second, and I think he would agree with that.

“Ric is the most decorated story and probably most mainstream thing, to this date, in professional wrestling which is pretty incredible considering how long he’s been in the business.”

Speaking of Flair’s post-WWE career, Corgan acknowledged the fact that “The Nature Boy” has plenty of options. For now, he made it clear that he’s glad Flair will be part of the special NWA 73 show.

“He has so many opportunities and I think he should explore all these opportunities,” said Corgan. “I’m glad to be in business with him on this, of course I would love to have him back.

“My sense of it is it means a lot to him too. The NWA is where he made his name. When people think of the legend of Ric Flair, they often refer back to him as an NWA Champion.”

Flair recently commented on his future by saying that he’s going to pursue the things he wants. Fans will just have to wait and see what “The Dirtiest Player in the Game” has planned.

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