Bill Apter Joins VOC Nation As Correspondent, 1Wrestling Shutting Down

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Bill Apter Joins VOC Nation As Correspondent, 1Wrestling Shutting Down

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Photo Credit: Bill Apter will be shutting down following the untimely death of creator Bob Ryder earlier this month. Ryder, a longtime IMPACT Wrestling agent, also founded 1Wrestling and worked for WCW and WWE. Apter made the announcement on the 1Wrestling website, seen below as posted:

Bill Apter reporting …

I never thought this day would come. It breaks my heart to write these words.

With the untimely death of creator, this site will cease to exist. Bob Ryder and then business partner Joey Styles gave me new life in the wrestling business when I thought my magazine days were over. They made me the face of the site. I could not have asked for more.

The old adage “When one door closes another one opens” resonates so true for me at this time. I can report that my web-based days are far from over.

Along with the regular columnists Jay Shannon, Don Murphy, and Sal Lasardo Jr., we will be shifting all your favorite features over to My relationship with owner Bruce Wirt spans nearly 15 years and he will give us the platform to keep the tradition of 1wrestling alive.

To the fans who supported the news site through the years — much love and I hope you will follow us on the way to our destination. I am meeting with Bruce and Editor Brady Hicks this weekend. We will discuss and implement plans for the exciting expansion and further branding of the site.

To Bob Ryder thank you for letting me be the main man in charge of the website for so many quality years but most of all thank you for your friendship. My love for you as a person will always remain solidly strong.

Let the journey begin again …

Apter will also be moving to VOC Nation as a Video Correspondent and Podcast Host. In Apter’s new role, he will lead the VOC Nation team’s YouTube channel in addition to becoming a permanent member of the ‘Wrestling with History’ podcast alongside former WWE broadcaster Ken Resnick and former Philadelphia radio personality Bruce Wirt. Apter’s branded ‘Apter Chat’ will also be coming to VOC Nation with both audio and video options.

“Many people do not know this, but Bill was instrumental in the founding of VOC Nation in 2010”, said VOC Nation President and Founder Bruce Wirt. “I met Bill while doing charity work in Philadelphia and he became a regular on my sports talk radio show in that market. He inspired me to turn my baseball show into a full time wrestling show, and VOC Nation was born. I am incredibly happy to have Bill back in the VOC Nation family. I guess I can say: Finally Bill Apter has come BACK to VOC Nation!”

“In addition to being longtime friends of Bruce (Wirt) and (site manager) Brady Hicks, I am happy to be a part of what VOC Nation is building,” said Apter. “I’m amazed at the growth over the past 10 years. I can’t wait to jump in and contribute, working with true professionals like Ken Resnick, Bruce Wirt, and Brady Hicks. This will be a lot of fun for wrestling fans and us as well!”

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