Big Swole Details Her Battle With Crohn’s Disease

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Big Swole Details Her Battle With Crohn’s Disease

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Big Swole hasn’t been in the ring much for All Elite Wrestling and it’s because she’s been battling Crohn’s disease in that time. Swole posted the following on social media, explaining her experiences with Crohn’s in the last year, including how COVID-19 has impacted her illness and treatment.

This past year has been filled with ups and a lot of downs. After my bout with pneumonia early last year, I was informed that resuming my medicine for Crohn’s would result in death given the COVID-19 circumstances. Seeing as how the biologic I was on shuts down my immune system and acts as such resuming my medicine was not an option. I was doing alright self-managing until the flare ups started in the fall.

As some of you may not know Crohn’s attacks the body as a whole so on top of my intestines issues different body parts would lock up and become incapable of bending at the joints. Some days I could barely walk and that took a toll on me emotionally and mentally. Living with this disease may seem like a thorn and it is but it also shows me that His grace is sufficient and no matter what happens I will smile because I am more than a conqueror. I am Swole and that mentality/faith will carry me through it all.

I ask that you bare with me, I’m getting the treatments that I need and my journey to complete healing is underway. Thank you for your love and thoughtful messages, I appreciate them and you! Much love to everyone, be safe! #Chronies

During the AEW Revolution post-show media call on Sunday, Tony Khan commented on Big Swole’s absence and put her over as a great wrestler, calling her a great asset to AEW. Khan explained that she hadn’t wrestled much this year due to Crohn’s, but she’s getting healthier and they hope she’s back on a more consistent basis.

“She was actually out when we started The Eliminator Tournament with her flare-up with her Crohn’s. I think as she’s getting healthier, hopefully,” Khan said, “we can consistently get her available and have her in action on a regular basis and she’s a great asset to us.”

Big Swole hasn’t competed in the ring since January 7, and she has an overall AEW career record of 18-9.