Big Show Hopes For One More WrestleMania Moment After Two Years Away From The Ring

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Big Show Hopes For One More WrestleMania Moment After Two Years Away From The Ring

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Photo by Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images for Wizard World, Inc.

It’s been a rough few years for the man they once called Paul Wight. WWE’s Big Show has suffered a string of injuries that has kept him out of consistent action for years at a time, forcing him into more of a spokesman role in the company. As of this past Monday, that time is hopefully behind him, and the 47-year-old tells ESPN that he hopes he can ramp up to one more moment on the Grandest Stage of them All. “That’s every competitor’s dream. I’d love to get one more in. Especially because it’s in Tampa, where I have a house, so I can drive home after the show.”

A WrestleMania appearance would also help promote The Big Show Show, a new television project on Netflix produced in conjunction with WWE. This will be a 10-episode family sitcom where the oversized wrestler has to deal with domestic life after retirement. Big Show seems just as excited if not more so in talking about his sitcom debut. “A show like this has been a dream of mine. I think I’ve driven Vince [McMahon] nuts about doing something like this since, you know, we were on ‘Saturday Night Live’ with The Rock.”

As for this formal return to the ring, it will be this Monday on RAW in a “fist fight.” When asked exactly what that entails, Show seems just as baffled as the rest of us.

I have no idea. I learned about it after Raw,” said Big Show “I’ve had thumbtack matches and barbed wire matches and cage matches and inferno matches and casket matches … never had a ‘fist fight’ match. Is it free-for-all brawl like in the Old West, and we’re taking off the doors of the saloon? Am I allowed to throw a front kick? It is Queensbury rules? We’ll see.

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