Big Show Feels Empty Arena Shows Will Improve Young Talent’s Focus

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Big Show Feels Empty Arena Shows Will Improve Young Talent’s Focus

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

We’re now several months into what the history books will surely see as a distinct era in professional wrestling. For the first time in decades, each major American promotion is putting on shows in empty arenas, with their primary audience watching the broadcast from their homes. Perhaps no other sport thrives on the roar of the crowd as much as wrestling, rand performers are working much differently than they have in the past. Few performers still active today have as much experience as Big Show, and he sees this new paradigm as a great opportunity for younger stars.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Show expanded on those thoughts, saying that younger stars will only improve from this situation. “You can’t stomp your foot on the mat or clap your hands to get them going or any of these shortcuts. The only way you can steer your match now is to actually work in the ring.” He compared it to wrestling all the way back in the 60s, which was often filmed in studios without a huge crowd.

You’re not working for the people that are there. You’re working for the millions of people watching at home… Now, you’re going to see a lot of talent get comfortable, improve, and explode once we get back in front of a live audience. They’ll appreciate it and work harder to give the live crowd a better ride.

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H/T to Fightful for the podcast transcription