Big E Wants To Win World Title To Enhance New Day’s Legacy

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Big E Wants To Win World Title To Enhance New Day’s Legacy

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Big E says that, for him, his run as a singles competitor is meant to enhance the overall legacy of The New Day faction.

One of the more heartbreaking moves in the 2020 WWE Draft saw Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods moved to Monday Night RAW, leaving Big E alone to spread his wings as a singles competitor on SmackDown.

Speaking with Outkick, Big E would admit that his overall goal is to become a world champion, but he doesn’t just want that accolade for himself. Much like Kofi Kingston at WrestleMania 35, Big E wants to win the World Championship as he continues to fly the flag for The New Day as a trio.

“Yeah, being a world champion is obviously number one, you know? That’s always the goal. I said this many years ago, like, if your goal isn’t to be at the top and if it isn’t to be world champion, then what are you doing here? And I often think of — one of the things I heard for many years when I played football was, ‘you play for the name on your jersey.’ You don’t just play for your first name, you play for your family. And that’s how I perceive this run. Like, even though we’re on different shows, we’re still The New Day.”

He continued, “That’s how I perceive it. I am playing for the name on the back of my jersey. I don’t, clearly, wear a jersey, but I’m still a member of The New Day. I still want to make them proud. I still want to add to our legacy as a group, and that’s important for me. So I think being a world champion, much the same way that Kofi was able to become world champion last year. It didn’t detract from me and Woods. It only furthered the legacy of The New Day of this group. And that’s what I want to do.”

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Big E would also say that there are other goals that he is sure will come along with time saying that you can never be sure of what may happen in WWE.

“I feel like besides that, in wrestling, there’s so many times where I might have had goals, but there are things like — I never would have put hosting WrestleMania on my list of goals because I never really, at the time, thought that was even a possibility.

“So there are so many things that I’m sure I’ll be able to hopefully have the opportunity to do that I can’t even fathom right now. But being a world champion, I think is clearly up on that list. It’s cool to get so much love from fans and from people who have been clamoring for that for quite some time from.”

Big E was not present on last week’s episode of SmackDown and the last appearance he made was the final six man tag match for the trio on the blue brand.

Should you use any portion of the quotes above, transcription credit should go to Robert DeFelice for WrestleZone.

Big E Wants To Win World Title To Enhance New Day’s Legacy

Big E