Big E Talks The New Day’s Platform And Social Justice

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Big E Talks The New Day’s Platform And Social Justice

New Day Black Lives Matter

Photo Credit: FOX

Big E has recently been getting a big push when it comes to his singles career, but the WWE superstar is still very much part of The New Day. In a new interview with Yahoo, Big E spoke about the platform the trio have, and why it’s important for The New Day to use it to speak about social justice.

Check out some of the highlights below:

On The New Day’s platform:

Right after George Floyd passed, we had lengthy conversations, the three of us in our text group, I can’t think of anything that hit me so much in my lifetime. I think a lot of it had to do with the pandemic and the fact that we had all of this time to think. There were very few distractions. It was something I kept thinking about day and night. It really weighed on me. I felt that even though I didn’t know how to change the structure or end systemic racism, I wanted to do something with my anger and frustration, I wanted to do something positive and we were all on the same page with that.

On why they kneeled during the June 12 episode of SmackDown:

When Kofi and I got to the Performance Center that day, we felt like we had to do something, We went and had a conversation with our boss, Vince McMahon, and he was completely on board. We felt like that even if it was just a five-second gesture, it was important to let people know that the things that affected them, we were feeling too. We’re not above this because we’re on TV or because we make money, we’re still people. I was born Black, I will die Black, I have lived my life as Black American much longer than I will ever be a WWE wrestler.

On why being honest is essential to them:

It was essential to our audience for us to be honest about how we felt, to come from a place of empathy and love. I never wanted anything that I said publicly or that we said publicly to be about trying to shame people, I didn’t want it to be argumentative or about pointing fingers.

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