Big E Says The New Day Turned Down The Idea Of A Breakup Post-KofiMania

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Big E Says The New Day Turned Down The Idea Of A Breakup Post-KofiMania

big e

Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Big E revealed that WWE has considered breaking up The New Day several times. The New Day has been together since 2015 and, despite a brand split separating them, remained together to this very day.

Speaking with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT, Big E revealed that the conversation has been had multiple times regarding potentially splitting up the group but they have no interest and have stated so many times.

“I know there were rumors for a while that certain things were pitched, but I think because we had been so adamant about not wanting to be broken up I think that’s where people were like ‘ehhh, I don’t know if we should because they really don’t want it.’ I can’t really divulge the conversation, but even from the top of the business, the very head of what we do – you know exactly who I’m talking about – he directly told us ‘hey, this is the idea’ and we said, we’re not feeling it,” E revealed. This was post-KofiMania. There were people who wanted it earlier [than that] as well.”

E continued, “It’s chaotic here, it’s constant chaos! The plan is always in flux, even when there is a plan the thing can unfold at any time. It felt, for me, being inside of it, that there’s a plan here and a path. Then WrestleMania happens and now it feels that plan is off-track. My hope is to get it back on track. I think what I’ve done the past couple of months has been nothing to write home about and I was pretty proud of the stuff I was doing earlier this year right up until WrestleMania. Demonstrating different sides, showing a fire and intensity I hadn’t been able to show in a long time, if ever. So I was proud of a lot of that, and then things have kind of stalled for me.”