BiG E On Nixed Aleister Black Feud: ‘I Think It Could Have Made For A Lot Of Fun’

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BiG E On Nixed Aleister Black Feud: ‘I Think It Could Have Made For A Lot Of Fun’

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Big E doesn’t know why his feud with Aleister Black was scrapped, but he thinks it could have created an entertaining story.

Black attacked Big E in the main event of the May 21 episode of WWE SmackDown to seemingly kick-start the conflict, but he was released on June 2 before the company further developed the narrative whatsoever.

In an interview with Louis Dangoor of Give Me Sport, Big E looked back on the dropped storyline and noted that he was caught off-guard when Black was released shortly after the beginning of their rivalry.

“I just don’t know the plans, and I had no idea,” said Big E. “Obviously when he comes out [on SmackDown], we’d seen the vignettes for weeks and weeks, and he comes out at the end of the main event and kicks me in the face, so I think alright, it’s him and I. We’re gonna run for a bit. So I definitely was surprised.”

Big E spoke highly of Black and his talents as a performer, and he also described how their distinct personalities could have produced a compelling feud. Given Big E’s status as a fun babyface and Black’s dark persona, the contrast is inherent. The new Mr. Money in the Bank then explained how he was excited to do something different by working with the former NXT Champion.

“I think he’s extremely talented, [and I think he has a ton to offer,” said Big E. “I think people were excited to see us because there’s a difference in the way we carry ourselves and our characters, and [we are] in many ways polar opposites. I think it could have made for a lot of fun. But I’m not entirely sure why things went the way they did, but like I said, I think he’s an incredible talent. And he’s a guy who, I didn’t worry about him and his future because I knew he was gonna get picked up somewhere.

“The Aleister thing was an opportunity to do something different, a nice break from [feuding with Apollo Crews], and then it just ended up fizzling,” said Big E. “So yeah, like I said, he’s very, very, very good at what he does, and I wish him well.”

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