Big E On ‘Escape The Undertaker’: What Made It So Interesting Is That We’re From Different Eras

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Big E On ‘Escape The Undertaker’: What Made It So Interesting Is That We’re From Different Eras

Escape The Undertaker

Credit: Netflix

Sometimes mixing together two different eras makes for some magic.

As was the case for the New Day’s big-screen debut when they teamed up with The Undertaker for the Netflix exclusive interactive movie ‘Escaping The Undertaker’.

WWE Champion Big E recently spoke with to discuss how he and fellow New Day members Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods meshed so well with the legendary Undertaker for the filming of the aforementioned Netflix special.

“I love the idea, that guys who — and this is not me pointing the finger at Undertaker or anyone else — that guys who might be a little bit longer in the tooth, who might not be able to put on the same 20-, 30-minute classics that they could years ago, I love this ability that ‘Hey, we can have some fun. And Undertaker is perfect for that, because with his abilities, his superpowers, whatever it is, sometimes that might not play as well in an arena but those elements will play better in something that’s pre-taped, something like a cinematic match. So yeah, I really love the idea that you can kind of see these legends continue their careers in a different way in these cinematic matches.”

Wrestlezone spoke with ‘Escape The Undertaker’ director Ben Simms, who explained the differences in shooting with the New Day in comparison to The Undertaker and how it compared and contrasts to some of his other projects.

“There were certainly different types of challenges, as you mentioned with the You vs. Wildstuff, there’s complications with just the environment and actual danger from where we’re shooting and stuff, so that’s something that’s managed a certain way when I’m shooting win Bear. With [Undertaker and New Day], the challenge was how to we squeeze every ounce of production value and time to really make this thing sing and because of the interactivity,” he noted, “make sure it’s consistent as well because there’s so many different version on how you can watch it.”

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