Big E: I’m Ready To Be The Face Of WWE, A Feud With The Bloodline Could Be An ‘All-Time Great’

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Big E: I’m Ready To Be The Face Of WWE, A Feud With The Bloodline Could Be An ‘All-Time Great’


Image Credit: WWE

Big E is ready to be “the guy” in WWE.

In an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, the former WWE Intercontinental Champion made it clear that he’s ready to be the face of the company. While he’s trying to stay present and focus on entertaining the fans, he welcomes the responsibility that would come with this potential next step.

It’s a tall task, but I’m ready,” said Big E. “I’ve been beating the drum of meditation over the past year, and it’s helped so much by focusing on the present moment. That’s all that it is for me. So I’m not worried about this gargantuan task of being the face of the company because I’m too focused on doing my very best to be entertaining with whatever I’m given.

“I’m all about handling what’s right in front of me, and I feel like I can handle whatever is in front of me. I’m ready, and I’ve been ready.”

One way that Big E could reach the next level could be by defeating Roman Reigns, who currently holds the WWE Universal Championship. A clash between the two stars is possible, if not likely, given Big E’s status as Mr. Money in the Bank. But in the interview, when asked about a three way-feud between the New Day, the Hurt Business and the Bloodline, Big E explained why tying in his past history with The Usos and making it a war between the two groups could be an “all-time great feud.”

I think that’s a no-brainer,” said Big E. “We’ve said this ad nauseum, but The Usos are our greatest rivals. They are an all-time great tag team, very top tier, and I have so much respect for them and what they do. Roman has added a new wrinkle. And even though we ran with them years ago, Roman and Paul Heyman have added a whole new dynamic.

“I love that idea of faction vs. faction vs. faction, all trying to solidify our place in this industry. Looking at Raw and SmackDown, with the draft coming up soon, there are so many ways we can go as a trio. If we’re working with The Bloodline, we could have an all-time great feud.”

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