Big E: I’m Happy To Be Reunited With Kingston And Woods, ‘We Still Have So Much To Offer’ Together

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Big E: I’m Happy To Be Reunited With Kingston And Woods, ‘We Still Have So Much To Offer’ Together

Big E New Day Kofi Kingston

Photo Credit: WWE

WWE Champion Big E is enjoying his current reunion tour with the New Day.

Following the fan-favorite star’s sudden move back to WWE RAW when he won the title, he found himself back alongside his friends, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, almost a year after the draft split them apart. The trio competed in two six-man tag bouts on WWE programming last week alone and punctuated this stretch by picking up an exciting win to kick off the Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

During an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Big E acknowledged his new responsibility to prove himself on his own, but he expressed his utter joy to be teaming up with Woods and Kingston again. The champion also made it clear that the team, and each of its members, still has a lot of untapped potential.

“I know as champion that I have to assert myself as a singles competitor, but we got to this dance together,” said Big E. “Even though our match was kind of impromptu and set up on the kickoff, it’s meaningful to me to go out there with two guys that I genuinely love being in the ring with—and I’m glad we were able to go out there and tear it up.

“And I’m so humbled and appreciative that people are so genuinely behind us as a trio. We still have so much to offer, and I have high hopes for all three of us. I’m pounding the King of the Ring drum for Woods, which is another chance to show how good he is.”

WWE’s decision to separate Big E from his stablemates in the 2020 Draft was a controversial one, but looking back on it, the champion explained how he’s looking forward to taking the lessons he learned during this maturation process and apply them to the group’s work.

“Our time apart was good in the sense that I got an opportunity to mature as a performer, but now I want to take those lessons I learned, specifically the character tweaks, and use those as a collective,” said Big EE. “As a trio, we have so many different ways to go. I also like the idea of hitting that Wale music and going out there alone to defend my title solo. There is no leader in this group–we all have goals, and we’re all pursuing our dreams.”

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