Big E Has A ‘Family Matters’ Connection With His Steve Urkel Inspired FCW Character And ‘Lazor Wolf’

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Big E Has A ‘Family Matters’ Connection With His Steve Urkel Inspired FCW Character And ‘Lazor Wolf’

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WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E recently appeared on Oral Sessions with Renée Paquette. The fan-favorite star discussed various topics, including his recent work on the animated series, Lazor Wulf. Big E described how he landed a role on the show and expressed his disappointment that DMX, who voiced a character in the pilot, couldn’t do the show.

“Thankfully Henry Bonsu, who’s the creator, he knew who I was, he’s a wrestling fan,” said Big E. ” And thankfully he was just like, ‘Hey come on board.’ And so they sent me the pilot, and I was so bummed because in the pilot, we have Reginald VelJohnson is the voice of God now, he’s the dad from “Family Matters,” but the voice of God in the pilot was DMX.

“They actually had DMX, and I was so excited, but unfortunately, he had some issues that couldn’t allow it. But Reginald is incredible and he’s the dad from “Family Matters,” it’s incredible…. It’s such a talented cast, and to be a part of something like that is really dope.”

Lazor Wulf isn’t the only connection that Big E has with “Family Matters.” The WWE Intercontinental Championship revealed that one of his characters in FCW, Wendell, was inspired by Steve Urkel himself.

“It was this nerd character inspired by Steve Urkel, again, “Family Matters”, it all full circle,” said Big E. “And I just wanted to show people that I had range, that I wasn’t just some big guy who was serious, that I had some comedic chops of some sort. So I got my mom’s old big glasses, and at the time, I had this horrible idea of like cornrowing my hair, so my hair was cornrowed. And I went to the thrift store and got these trousers, like yellow slacks and old, like these white Velcro shoes that an old man might wear, and suspenders.

“And I gotta work on the voice, it’s been an minute but [in a nerdy voice] I’d talk like this, and ‘Ladies, I like long walks on the beach.’ It’s not the right voice, but something like that. I did this real, kind of nasally voice. I did it in promo class because I was just trying, I was doing stuff. If you’re down there for a while, you kinda get just a little stir crazy. And people liked it and it was fun.”

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