Bianca Belair On Her 2021 Royal Rumble Win: ‘Tonight, I Proved That I Belong Here’

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Bianca Belair On Her 2021 Royal Rumble Win: ‘Tonight, I Proved That I Belong Here’

bianca belair

Photo Credit: WWE

Bianca Belair‘s Royal Rumble win was a dream come true.

Belair stopped by the WWE Royal Rumble watch-a-long after her big win on Sunday and not only received a ton of praise from Rikishi, who was on the panel, but spoke about what the moment meant to her as well.

“It’s crazy. It was literally—it was a dream that I didn’t know was a dream until it became a reality. It’s crazy that everything that I did throughout my life—playing sports, everything that I’ve been through—came together for me to be in WWE and tonight, I proved that I belong here. I can’t see myself doing anything other than this. I love WWE, I love what I do. It’s amazing that all of my athletic ability and everything that I’ve been through, it all folded into tonight and it all came together tonight. Now I’m going to WrestleMania. It’s crazy.”

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Check out the clip below:

Edge and Bianca Belair won the WWE Royal Rumble and set a path for the Super Bowl of wrestling, WrestleMania last night at one of the biggest wrestling events of the year. Plus what surprises were revealed for the Rumble as fans clamor for the annual superstar disruption? What did you think of the performances from Roman Reigns, Drew McIntyre, Goldberg, Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan, and many more? Join our live and interactive post-show with YOUR comments on-screen in real-time.

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