Bianca Belair Is Thriving On The Land Of Opportunity, Says She Still Has Something To Prove In NXT

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Bianca Belair Is Thriving On The Land Of Opportunity, Says She Still Has Something To Prove In NXT

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Photo Credit: WrestleZone, Bianca Belair at NXT ‘Takeover: Chicago’ 2018

Bianca Belair has been thriving in her run on WWE Friday Night SmackDown, and she discussed this success in an interview with Graham “GSM” Matthews of Bleacher Report. In her short time on the blue brand, Belair has already gained a lot of momentum. “‘I debuted a few weeks ago, and I just qualified first for Team SmackDown at Survivor Series,'” said Belair via Matthews. “‘I feel like it’s showing that I belong here and that I’m not going anywhere any time soon. I’m super-excited for all the possibilities and opportunities that are going to come about on SmackDown.'”

Though Belair is making her name for herself on WWE Friday Night SmackDown, many fans bets know her for her time in NXT. In the interview, Belair expressed her interest in returning to the black-and-gold brand to wrap up some unfinished business. “‘The thing about my journey from NXT that I love is that with every brand I’ve been on, I’ve always left still having something to do,'” said Belair via Matthews. “‘If it came down to it and I had to go back to NXT, I still never got the NXT Women’s Championship. I’ll always have something to do if I go back to NXT.'”

Belair also has her eyes on the future, and she hopes to team with Naomi someday. “‘I think it’s something that’s definitely going to happen before the end of both of our careers, and I think it’s something that has to happen,'” said Belair via Matthews. she said. “‘I think it’s a given. It’s going to happen.”

Belair even envisions a potential run as the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions for the duo. “‘When it does happen, it’s going to be fun, it’s going to be great, and it would be a really, really great accomplishment as far as Naomi and I teaming and becoming the tag team champions one day in the future,'” said Belair via Matthews.

The “EST of WWE” will be in action at WWE Survivor Series, where she’ll be competing as member of Team SmackDown.

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