Bianca Belair Didn’t Realize She Was Making History At The Royal Rumble

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Bianca Belair Didn’t Realize She Was Making History At The Royal Rumble

bianca belair

Photo Credit: WWE

Bianca Belair made history this past month, as she became the first black woman to ever win the Royal Rumble in a huge win at the pay-per-view. Speaking to The Independent in an interview, Belair spoke about the win, and how she wasn’t even aware of the history she was making.

Belair said that she didn’t even know that she was the first black woman to win until after the show had ended, but that it was an honor to be the first. “Being the first black woman to win a Royal Rumble match is an honor,” she said when it was brought up. I take my platform very seriously and representation is a huge, huge thing. I’m so glad that I can be a part of it – I get to go down in the history books and it is amazing.”

The superstar went on to explain what the victory means for her, and why she was so proud to now realize that she had made such an historic step forward. “What I pull from that is that I had no idea that statistic existed until I got backstage when someone pulled me aside and actually told me. I didn’t even realise I was creating history in the process of being unapologetic in who I am in going after my goals.

“I just want that to be motivation for everyone else out there that you don’t always have to go through the history books to find history. There’s history within your own self and you can create your own… there’s history within your own family. Just by staying true to yourself and going after your own goals and accomplishing them, you are creating history for yourself. I want everyone else to see that and use that as an inspiration.”

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