Bianca Belair Calls Facing Sasha Banks A Dream Match, Is Ready To Eat Up All The Opportunities She Can Get

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Bianca Belair Calls Facing Sasha Banks A Dream Match, Is Ready To Eat Up All The Opportunities She Can Get

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Photo Credit: WrestleZone, Bianca Belair at NXT ‘Takeover: Chicago’ 2018

Bianca Belair recently spoke with Ryan Satin of FOX Sports and discussed her move to WWE Friday Night SmackDown. She said she wants to face Sasha Banks for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship. Here are some highlights:

On not getting used on WWE RAW:

Belair: “I just feel like I transitioned to RAW at a very like weird and crazy time, so yeah I got to debut on WrestleMania and the RAW after WrestleMania with my husband, you know. I don’t have any regrets because I got to share those moments with my husband, and I feel like my journey, I’m all about the moments. And I got to share those moments with my husband.”

“I feel like it was just a thing of trying to figure out where I fit, and you know, with me, you know, I’ve just learned that you focus on the things that you can control and that’s what I’ve been doing since NXT, and I just focus on the things that I can control. And I honestly would rather wait until there’s something for me than to just be thrown out there.”

On her vignettes:

Belair: “I did have fun. The Mr. Perfect style vignettes, I’ve been wanting to do something like that since NXT to kind of show, you know, what I might not always be able to show when I’m inside the ring and really show what my character is about.”

On pitching ideas to Vince McMahon:

Belair: It wasn’t nerve wracking. I just looked at it as, you know, I’m my biggest cheerleader, and if I’m not gonna cheer for myself, who is? And you know, of course like he’s Vince McMahon. He’s the head guy in charge. If it’s a good pitch, it’s a good pitch. And if it isn’t, I just go back to the drawing board, and let’s see where we go from here. And I feel like you can’t anywhere if you’re gonna be scared.”

On moving to SmackDown:

Belair: “I was very excited when I got drafted to SmackDown, I’m super excited to be Team Blue.”

“I’m very happy with how things have been going, you know. I’ve been saying, ‘Hey, I’m here,’ like, ‘I’m ready. Just give me the spotlight, I’m ready to shine.’ “SmackDown is the land of opportunities, and I’m just here to eat up all the opportunities and fight everybody on SmackDown.”

On wanting to face Sasha Banks:

Belair: “I’m excited to now be in the same locker room as Sasha. I think that that’s a dream match for, not just me, but for a lot of people. I think we can get in the ring [and] create a lot of magic.”

The full interview is available here.

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