Beth Phoenix On The Warm Welcome Back To NXT & The Ever-Growing Women’s Tag Division

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Beth Phoenix On The Warm Welcome Back To NXT & The Ever-Growing Women’s Tag Division

Beth Phoenix

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During this unpredictable time of the pandemic, fans were still fortunate enough to hear Beth Phoenix’s insight on weekly commentary for NXT, but she always added her thoughts from afar. COVID-19 had The Glamazon looking out for the safety of her family while her NXT family continued to conduct commentary at the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, but that was until she made her physical return to the brand two weeks ago. WWE documented her stepping foot into the new CWC and Beth gave her thoughts on being welcomed back with open arms.

“It’s so special to me because I feel like I’ve been watching everybody from a little fish bowl, you know? I’ve been following everybody’s social media and obviously I get to see them week after week doing it remotely, but it was so special to me to come here because I have such gratitude number one, for all the crew and all of the production and all of the effort that my team, my commentary team, put into making it possible for me to stay home and stay safe for nine months to protect my family at home.

“And then on top of that, it’s just such a warm welcome to be back and just seeing what everybody has created in the time that I have been gone and how no matter what the show must go on. Work through whatever challenges we have. We’re such a family. It’s almost like that bonding between warriors or between soldiers and so those relationships will always be there and those memories and it’s so nice to feel welcome and back home with the folks that know me so well.”

Beth also took some time to appreciate the establishment and growth of a women’s tag division. She believes it is a valuable and necessary element to an ever-growing and ever-talented roster.

“Until this point there wasn’t enough female talent to warrant a whole tag team division so it’s awesome the girls get one more thing to fight for and one more prestigious accomplishment that they can work toward, but the ultimate thing that is so rad about all this is that there is now enough women, enough incredible, talented, glass-ceiling breaking women that now we need a tag division because there’s only so many spots on the show.”

“The tag team division growing for the females is super important to me and seeing women just get more opportunities,” she said.

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

Check out the complete “We Missed You, Beth Phoenix!” clip below:

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