Being The Elite Shops For New Nikes As Hangman Spreads Trouble

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Being The Elite Shops For New Nikes As Hangman Spreads Trouble

Hangman Adam Page Drinking AEW Dynamite Memphis

Photo Credit: Lee South/AEW

This week’s Being The Elite focuses on the upcoming Tag Team Battle Royal and Hangman Page’s attempts to manipulate the results. When he discovers that The Young Bucks will be vying for a tag title shot on Wednesday, he talks to every team in the company and tells them about the Bucks’ various weaknesses. While he framed it as wanting to protect his friends, there’s no doubt that The Hybrid2 and Butcher and Blade are going to try to attack exactly where he mentioned. Of course, since he was drinking all throughout this experience, Hangman ended up chatting with the Best Friends in the shower.

The b plot that opens the video focuses on The Young Bucks shopping in the mall due to a massively delayed plane. They get new shoes at the Nike store, check out the AEW merch in the Hot Topic, and drink smoothies. The Bucks also reveal that they haven’t seen Star Wars, confusing it for a TV show at first. When they finally get on the plane, The Bucks and Brandon are in the Economy section due to the delay, and they compare it to old BTE episodes from years ago.

For all that plus Frozen songs and Kenny Omega TV themes, be sure to check out the full episode embedded below:

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