Being The Elite Celebrates The Holidays With Feats Of Strength And Dark Order Teasers

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Being The Elite Celebrates The Holidays With Feats Of Strength And Dark Order Teasers

The Dark Order AEW Dynamite

Photo Credit: AEW / Lee South

We start things off on this holiday Being the Elite with a festive visit to the “second annual SCU/Bucks party.” Kaz and Scorpio are enjoying cookies across from a dejected Young Bucks, eventually revealing that they brought the tag belts along for the holiday. The Bucks think they’re trying to rub their victory in their faces, so they kick SCU out of the party, which leads to some “fighting” on a beanbag chair. Eventually, Dana lets SCU back in from the cold, much to the Bucks’ chagrin.

After that, Chris Daniels slips and drops food on the ground. The partygoers mock him for it, and Daniels wonders if he’s still got it. This follows the storyline from the last few weeks where Daniels is overthinking a botch he had against Pentagon Jr.

Backstage, Justin Roberts trains his announcer voice with famous Johns but doesn’t seem to be able to see John Cena. This leads to the reveal of his first shirt, which depicts the particularly long way he announces Johns in both companies. Elsewhere, Hangman Page drunkenly wanders/skateboards around looking for Kenny Omega while old-timey piano music plays. At one point, Leva Bates reads him a story.

Subsequently, Kris Statlander talks with the Best Friends and Orange Cassidy and the two outlandish characters share an alien boop. More seriously, Omega and the Bucks discuss the multiplying dark groups in AEW, and Nakazawa says that he’s fine after PAC’s attack on Dynamite, but he’s tired of losing. Omega tries to convince him that joining The Dark Order isn’t the best idea. In a related note, Alex Reynolds and John Silver discuss joining the group, and it seems that Reynolds is more into it than Silver. The episode ends with a mysterious figure washing his hands and throwing away a Dark Order mask, implying he was the third person with a blue mask in last week’s show-ending attack.

For the full episode, be sure to check out the video embedded below:

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