Becky Lynch Warns Jon Jones That WWE Isn’t A Cakewalk: ‘You’ve Got To Love This’

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Becky Lynch Warns Jon Jones That WWE Isn’t A Cakewalk: ‘You’ve Got To Love This’

Becky Lynch(WWE) speaks at Web Summit on November 07, 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal. Web Summit is an annual technology conference which brings together a variety of technology companies to discuss the future of industry. This year’s event runs from November 4- 7 and is expected to attract around 70,000 participants. (Photo by Rita Franca/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Jon Jones recently said that it was “inevitable” that he would one day appear in a WWE ring. Speaking during a recent appearance, Becky Lynch discussed that comment, and explained why MMA fighters looking to get into the wrestling ring may be in for a surprise.

“I think people think that this is a cakewalk, there is nothing like what we do,” she said. “And it’s not as simple as just walking in here. You have to make a name for yourself, and you have to obsessed with it, you have to love it. This isn’t a thing where you have one fight every six months, this is a thing where you’re fighting three, four, sometimes seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.”

Lynch went on to say that she found the fact that some believe they can easily make their way into the ring a bit annoying. However, she did say that if Jones – or any superstar – loved the sport like she does, she’d be willing to help them figure it out. “For people to sometimes think that it’s an easy thing that they can just stroll into, it kind of irks me, it irks me,” she said. “Because I love this business, I love it more than anything. And if he loves it like I do, well then come along, I’ll show you the ropes. But if he just wants to make some easy money, this ain’t the way to do it.”

VIDEO: The Man @BeckyLynchWWE cuts a fiery promo on MMA fighters who might think coming into pro wrestling is a “cakewalk.”

— Marc Raimondi (@marc_raimondi) February 11, 2020