Becky Lynch Talks Global Citizen Festival, What Equality In Wrestling Means

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Becky Lynch Talks Global Citizen Festival, What Equality In Wrestling Means

Becky Lynch recently talked to Yahoo about being a celebrity guest host at the Global Citizen Festival. She talked her responsibility to make a difference, the honor of being a host, and much more in the interview.

Check out highlights below:

On being a host at the Global Citizen Festival:

I’m beyond excited. It’s such a wonderful cause. When you’re out there and you have a voice and a network, you always want to go out and put something good into the world. Especially with us, we get so caught up in the rat race — work, work, work, what’s next? — that it’s hard to sometimes shift your focus to think about how you can use this platform for the greater good.

How she can help make a difference:

WWE is such a global entity at this stage. We’re universal, everybody can relate to the stories that we tell. It’s a testament to what we’ve done. There’s absolutely nothing greater than Global Citizen and trying to end world poverty and try and create equality for everyone on the planet and end gender inequality. It’s incredible.

On what she’s striving for as a female wrestler:

Give us the opportunity — give everyone equal opportunity — and let’s see what happens there. I’m not asking for a free ride or anything like that. It’s about earning your spot and I think that people don’t need to be held down because of gender, race, where they come from. It’s all about proving your worth as a human and being allowed to be treated as such.

Make sure to check out the full interview for even more.

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