Becky Lynch On Her Heel Run: ‘I Think We’re Doing A Good Job With It’

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Becky Lynch On Her Heel Run: ‘I Think We’re Doing A Good Job With It’

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Becky Lynch‘s return to WWE and subsequent heel turn has been the subject of plenty of criticism, but “The Man” is confident in how the story is unfolding so far.

During a recent appearance on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Lynch described how she had been picturing her comeback story as a babyface because she never thought Vince McMahon would want to turn her into a heel. Once that happened, though, she embraced the new challenge as an opportunity to evolve.

“I was always thinking of what it would be like, what would my comeback be like, what would I do when I came back,” said Lynch. “Vince is never gonna want me as a heel, so what does this new babyface look like? Then they told me I was gonna be a heel.

“‘The Man was much more understated, but so now we’re kind of developing, and we’re putting layers on it, and adding little bits and it’s all trial and error, which is the fun part, you know, it’s trying, seeing what sticks, taking risks. Because it’s easy to go, ‘Oh, ‘The Man’ worked, let me stick with that. Let me stay in my black, let me stay in my leather jacket and call people dopes.” Or you can evolve, and you can take risks and you can see what works, what doesn’t, what sticks with the audience, what doesn’t, [and] give them something new, and give yourself something new and a new challenge.”

Lynch acknowledged the negative reactions to her return and admitted that it’s difficult to go against the grain by being a heel when the WWE Universe wants to cheer her. She then shared her mindset surrounding the 26-second match she had with Bianca Belair at WWE SummerSlam by pointing out that the nature of this victory set up a good story.

“It was very last-minute, I mean very last-minute,” said Lynch. “It’s so hard, especially when you’ve been a babyface for so long, and the crowd likes you and they’re endeared to you, and then you’ve gone away, and they’ve seen some of the stuff that I went through in the year. And I’m a new mom, and they’re coming back. And they’re excited, and there’s this girl who’s been doing awesome, like that’s a great rivalry, we like both these guys. How do we make them not like one of them?

“She’s the company girl, like let’s do this quick. And so I know a lot of people were upset that, ‘Oh, well if they were gonna do this, then they should have had a long match.’ Well, if we had a long match and then I beat her, then I just beat her. You know what I mean? That’s not good, that’s not good for her. But if she’s robbed and we take something from her and she doesn’t expect it, then we want to see her succeed? Oh, ‘We want to see her succeed. We don’t want the person with it to have it anymore. We want that person to succeed, we want that more.’ [I] think we’re doing just fine.”

“The Man” also directly responded to the fans’ criticism of her quick win over Belair and her general heel character by saying that the feedback seems to be missing point because fans being upset about Belair’s loss was the intended outcome.

“It’s such a weird thing, you know,” said Lynch. “It’s like, ‘I don’t like Becky as a heel, she’s so annoying.’ What? Okay. Think that’s the point, bro. Or you know like, ‘Why would do they do this to Bianca? I wanted her to win.’ Yeah, good. This is what we want. This is what we want, so I think we’re doing a good job with it.”

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