Becky Lynch Looks Back On Her ‘Manniversary’ In WWE

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Becky Lynch Looks Back On Her ‘Manniversary’ In WWEbecky lynch

WWE RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch was recently interviewed by IGN to discuss several professional wrestling topics. Lynch discussed her “Manniversary” in WWE after a year, and the possibility of there being an Evolution II pay-per-view (PPV).

Here are the highlights:

Looking back at her “Manniversary”:

Wow, yes, it would have been around this time that I started it. Whoa. Either time is flying or, I don’t know, maybe it even feels shorter than a year. It’s been crazy. It’s been go go go go. So many things have happened that it’s sometimes hard to sit back and realize ‘Well, this has gone alright for itself.’ It’s all been incredible. I’ve been fortunate enough to have done so many firsts, but it’s very hard to sit back and let it all sink in.

When we were filming the trailer for [WWE 2K20], it was the first time I sat back and realized what the magnitude was of main eventing WrestleMania this year. And what it had done for me. And it sat in me for a second on the set, because I never usually have time to think about it. Because after WrestleMania there was media. And then there was RAW. And then SmackDown. And then my parents came back to my house.

So I never had time to digest any of it. So while shooting for this, it was probably the first time I really thought about it. But, also, it’s always just ‘What’s next?’ How can we keep it going? How do we keep it moving? How can we keep this industry exciting? How can we make people care more? How can we get people more invested? That’s what I’m always thinking about.

Possibility of an Evolution 2 PPV:

Possibly. I mean, we have such a deep well of female talent. And a lot of them aren’t being featured very often and I would like to see them step out more. I’ve often said that I want everyone to challenge me. I want everyone stepping up to me. I want everyone looking for that top spot. Because that’s what drives me to do better.

If everyone’s resting on their laurels, and feeling complacent, then we can’t get better. I can’t main event WrestleMania by myself. And I got a taste of it and I don’t want to give up that spot. I want to main event WrestleMania again and again and again.

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