Becky Lynch: John Cena & The Rock Are Helping My Acting Career

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Becky Lynch: John Cena & The Rock Are Helping My Acting Career

Becky Lynch(WWE) speaks at Web Summit on November 07, 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal. Web Summit is an annual technology conference which brings together a variety of technology companies to discuss the future of industry. This year’s event runs from November 4- 7 and is expected to attract around 70,000 participants. (Photo by Rita Franca/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

WWE has produced a handful of superstars who have gone on to have incredibly big careers in the world of Hollywood, with The Rock and John Cena the two biggest examples. According to Becky Lynch, she’s been securing advice from the two legends on just how to make the most of herself in the acting world.

Speaking to TMZ recently, Lynch opened up about her recent appearance on Showtime’s “Billions,” and the advice she had been getting from other WWE superstars turned actors. “[The Rock has] actually he’s been very helpful in guiding me,” she said. “He’s just being very giving and I think they all are because they’ve all been there and they’re all ready to look after the next generation.”

Lynch also credited Cena with being extremely helpful as well, with him even going so far as to check in on her as she continues to evolve throughout the company. “Cena’s also been so great to me and so generous with his time and his advice,” she said. “checks up on me on what I’m doing now. I think everybody wants to see the next generation move to where they’ve been, ya know?!”

Lynch ended things by saying that she has a ton more “super-secret” projects in the works, but that she won’t be planning on leaving WWE anytime soon. “Look, I just love performing. I love being able to get it out there, but I also love a crowd. So, as long as I can wrestle, then I’m going to be doing that.”

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