Becky Lynch Achieves Historic Milestone on Celebrity Jeopardy, Earning Praise from Logan Paul and Cody Rhodes

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Becky Lynch made history during her special appearance on ABC’s Celebrity Jeopardy last night.

A fan Twitter account for Jeopardy noted that Lynch gave zero correct answers even after sixty clues.


While this is a first in the history of the reality show, Lynch managed to get her Final Jeopardy question right and finished with $1,000.

Rachel Dratch won the game with $33,601, narrowly defeating Macaulay Culkin ($33,600).

On a recent edition of his “Impaulsive” podcast, Logan Paul discussed his backstage relationship with Cody Rhodes, noting that The American Nightmare has been “so nice” to him during his time in WWE.

Paul said, “Another person who has been so nice to me is Cody Rhodes. A great guy, he’s awesome. He gives me advice and helps me with words of encouragement and checks in on me. He’s an awesome dude. Triple H gave me kudos as well. It’s an awesome organization and I’m so happy to be a part of it, which is why I’m arrogant and parading [WWE US Title] around everywhere I go, I’m proud of it.”

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Becky Lynch Makes History on Celebrity Jeopardy

Becky Lynch, the former WWE superstar, recently made a special appearance on ABC’s Celebrity Jeopardy. While her appearance was highly anticipated by fans, it turned out to be a historic moment for the show.

According to a fan Twitter account for Jeopardy, Lynch failed to give any correct answers even after sixty clues. This is believed to be the first instance of a player giving zero correct responses throughout the entire game. However, Lynch managed to redeem herself during the Final Jeopardy round and answered the question correctly, earning herself $1,000.

Despite not performing well in the main game, Lynch’s ability to answer the Final Jeopardy question showcases her knowledge and quick thinking. It’s a testament to her intelligence and ability to handle pressure even in a different setting.

In the same episode, Rachel Dratch emerged as the winner with $33,601, narrowly defeating Macaulay Culkin, who finished with $33,600. While Lynch didn’t win the game, her participation in Celebrity Jeopardy brought attention to her outside of the wrestling world and showcased her versatility as an entertainer.

In other news related to wrestling personalities, Logan Paul recently discussed his backstage relationship with Cody Rhodes on his podcast, “Impaulsive.” Paul praised Rhodes for being incredibly kind and helpful during his time in WWE.

Paul mentioned that Rhodes has been supportive, offering advice, words of encouragement, and checking in on him. He also expressed his gratitude for being a part of WWE and proudly parading the WWE US Title everywhere he goes.

Logan Paul’s involvement in WWE has garnered mixed reactions from fans, but his positive experience with Cody Rhodes highlights the camaraderie and support within the wrestling community.

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Overall, Becky Lynch’s appearance on Celebrity Jeopardy and Logan Paul’s backstage relationship with Cody Rhodes offer interesting insights into the lives of wrestling personalities outside of the ring. It’s always fascinating to see wrestlers in different environments and witness their diverse talents and personalities.