Bayley Talks Turning Heel & Wanting To Hang Out With CM Punk On WWE Backstage

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Bayley Talks Turning Heel & Wanting To Hang Out With CM Punk On WWE Backstage

bayley and sasha banks

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley recently spoke to the New York Post all about her recent heel turn and her conditions for appearing on the WWE Backstage show on FS1.

Here are some highlights.

Bayley Talks Turning Heel:

“I need to be able to do everything and test the waters everywhere and ride the waves and challenge myself. I can’t get stale and bored and do the same thing over and over. In order to excel in this business, you have to constantly evolve.

“I think honestly it’s real frustration. I’ve been wrestling for over 10 years. I’ve been with WWE for seven years, so not all of it has been colorful and castle-like and wacky wavy inflatable tubemen and happy and fun. It’s been a struggle. It’s really, really difficult to kind of stay on top for a period of time, so it’s pretty easy to find frustration believe it or not.”

Bayley On Sasha Banks Helping Her Get Comfortable As A Heel:

“I would say this time is the [one] I need the most help in I guess. It’s like a dream come true because we have always talked about being a team that was just such jerks. And we were like, man, it’s never gonna happen. There’s no way they’ll make this possible. And just recently we have been able to tag on live events and dark matches and all that stuff where we are able to try a few things out, and it’s just amazing.”

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Bayley Talks Wanting To Be On WWE Backstage With CM Punk:

“Yeah, only if Punk is there and I get to hang out and talk with him. If Sasha and I go together and they fly us on a private jet and when we get there they have some fine coffee ready for us, then yes I will hang out with CM Punk and Renee Young and Paige and Booker T.”

Bayley Will Only Appear On WWE Backstage If CM Punk Is There

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