Bayley Talks Her New Look, Returning For The Royal Rumble, And Reactions From The Audience

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Bayley Talks Her New Look, Returning For The Royal Rumble, And Reactions From The Audience

Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images

Bayley recently sat down with Chron to discuss her brand new look and attitude in the WWE, returning to Houston for the Royal Rumble, and how her new attitude has been received from the WWE audience.

Check out some of the highlights below:

On her new look and attitude:

Yeah, it’s super nerve-wracking. Once I was given the thumbs-up, I was like, man, everything that I’ve known and done, not just in my career, but WWE consumes your life if you’re trying to be a top superstar in it. So everything I’ve known and done in my life for the past seven years was about to change, and I didn’t know whether it was going to be for the good or the bad or what was going to happen. So it was really scary for me, and I had doubts about it, but I knew if I didn’t just try to do something different or do something about my current situation, that I would just fall. I cut my hair the morning of, at the arena. So even then, I was in shock. But I knew there was no turning back now. It was really, really hard, and even now I’m slowly finding my way into making it all make sense and work.

On returning to Houston for the Royal Rumble:

Sometimes smaller cities I don’t really remember until we get into the arena, and I’ll walk in wherever the locker room is, or through the halls, and be like, ‘Oh, this is where this happened.’ Or, ‘Remember when we did this here?’ Definitely the bigger arenas, the first one that sticks out is obviously Brooklyn from NXT Takeover. And that was my debut. Washington, D.C., is where I was Sasha’s surprise partner for Battleground. So there are things like that. But yeah, Houston, I specifically remember that backstage, just because my sister was there, and some of my friends after we won the tag titles. So that was a really, really cool moment. So now, that’s one of my favorites.

On reactions from the audience:

Yeah, it’s still very new. I know some people are still a little torn about it. The kids don’t really know what’s going on, or they’re a little heartbroken. We’ll go out to shows, me and Sasha will go out and there are still all these little kids wearing our stuff, and we have to be like, ‘No, we don’t like you anymore.’ So I think it’s hit or miss with people. But there’s a lot of people that have supported me for years that think this was a good change. So hopefully I just prove that I made the right choice in the long run.

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